Al Thani Global Investment Holding, a Qatar-based investment company, has announced Dr. Abdulrahman Al Ansari as the company's new Group Chief Executive Officer.

Working alongside Al Thani Global Investment Holding's Chairman H.E Dr. Sheikh Hamad Nasser Al Thani, Dr. Al Ansari is tasked with expanding the burgeoning financial investment firm's footprint internationally, growing its operations in regions outside of the Middle East.

With more than 19 years of experience, Dr. Al Ansari is a well-respected executive who has built an enviable professional portfolio in the investment banking, education and energy industries, among many others.

Widely-recognised for his stellar record maximising sales capacity and business development opportunities, whilst maintaining trust and credibility with leading international business executives and decision makers, Dr. Al Ansari previously held the privilege of Group CEO for MBM Group, the private office of one of the Royal Family members of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

H.E Dr. Sheikh Hamad Nasser Al Thani welcomed the distinguished executive by expressing his assurance that Dr Al Ansari's wealth of experience and knowledge will successfully lead Al Thani Global Investment Holding's transition into a dominant global investment corporation.  

The Chairman of Al Thani Global Investment Holding said: "We are excited to have Dr. Al Ansari in our group and repose full confidence in his leadership excellence and his integrity and professionalism.  We hope that his quality experience will transform the company in line with Qatari vision."

Exploring the world for growth opportunities, Al Thani Global Investments Holding plans to develop its portfolio further by engaging in investment in healthcare, general industries, oil and gas, real estate and information technology.

With specialist expertise in economic and community development in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, in particular, Dr. Al Ansari says he is enthusiastic to assume his new responsibilities and looks forward to working closely with H.E. Dr. Sheikh Hamad Nasser Al Thani in this exciting and ambitious next chapter of Al Thani Global Investment Holding's history.


About Al Thani Global Investments Holding 

Al Thani Global Investments Holding is a parent company for a diverse portfolio of businesses, ranging from property development, oil and gas, to mineral resources and healthcare. Al Thani Global Investment Holding is based in Qatar with a representative office in Dubai.