Al Ghurair Construction, part of UAE-based diversified conglomerate Al Ghurair, has added another pioneering solution to its exclusive product portfolio with the launch of HIRT, a Swiss specialist in descending window systems.

Reinventing the concept of the window, HIRT’s Swiss descending windows are the ultimate in room opening products and are the ideal solution wherever no clear boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas are desired. The true innovation lies in the window’s capability to slide completely into the floor, making divisions disappear while turning interior spaces into al fresco environments.

The makers, who produce the globally unique descender fronts in Switzerland, have a great deal of experience and established expertise in metal construction. These specialized solutions work anywhere and in any climate. They lower extremely heavy fronts made of glass and other materials smoothly and quietly, effectively saving space blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor. This is made possible by the ingenious technology behind the system.Composed of support structures and counterweights,there is virtually no limit to the size of a HIRT descending window panel, which can reach up to 40 square metres in surface area. The biggest reference of the solution is 20 metres long and weights 7,500 kg.

“HIRT continues the Al Ghurair vision of delivering products of the future now in order to give our customers that competitive edge in the construction market. The company has been synonymous with the development of the UAE for decades and this exclusive partnership further cements our reputation as one of the leaders in the industry. We are confident that these systems will find a home in many upcoming projects that will add to the region’s ever-changing cityscape,” Mr. Badr Abdulla Al Ghurair, Chief Executive Officer of Al Ghurair Construction, commented.

Despite their European origins, HIRT descending windows are fully equipped to withstand the harsh elements of Middle Eastern summers. The descender fronts can easily withstand extreme climatic conditions and have already proven themselves under the most severe of conditions – they have been designed so they can be installed anywhere in the world.

From the moderate climate of Central Europe and salty, windy coastal areas through to the humid tropics or desert areas with extreme temperature changes, these systems can be installed to provide climate and sound insulation effectively and efficiently as proven in extensive thermal transmittance testing.

“With a vast portfolio of impressive references all across the globe, HIRT is a product that aligns completely with the UAE’s design vision. The variety of applications, where facades can vary from glass to wood to stone, is astounding and will suit architectural requirement imaginable. It is only a matter of time before this system becomes commonplace in the new developments that will rise in the country and the region beyond,” Al Ghurair concluded.


About Al Ghurair

Established in 1960, Al Ghurair is one of the largest diversified conglomerates in the Middle East, with six key business units: Foods, Resources, Properties, Construction, Energy and Ventures covering Printing & Publishing, International Exchange, Retail and Education.

The enterprise sees itself as a legacy of innovative operations built on excellence, trust and responsibility. Al Ghurair, put quite simply, is mainly in the business of feeding and housing people – meeting vital human needs. Its reach may have a global impact, but its roots are steeped in time-honoured family values that date back over half a century. In many ways, the Al Ghurair story and the history of the United Arab Emirates have been one narrative.

For over 50 years, Al Ghurair Construction has been involved in building Dubai, garnering unmatched expertise which has given the world new points of reference through some of the UAE's most iconic projects such as BurjKhalifa and Dubai Metro. The company has completed over 300 projects across three divisions – Aluminium, Readymix and Masonry.


Source: BUZ PR