The Middle East and Africa’s leading vertically-integrated paper manufacturer, the Middle East Paper Co. (MEPCO) launches its new IR site to provide its shareholders and stakeholders greater insights into its performance and operations. The site enables greater transparency and easier accessibility to retrieve information about MEPCO such as its previous announcements, share price, and other performance metrics, which are continually updated by Euroland IR.

Eng. Sami Safran, CEO, MEPCO, commented:

“Euroland IR is known for providing the most technologically advanced and user-friendly solutions in the industry. As MEPCO continues to deliver on its commitment to lead with transparency and corporate governance, developing a top-shelf digital IR function is a natural next step. We aim to ensure that our shareholders and stakeholders can easily view and analyze our performance and see the latest shareholder information in line with international best practice.”

The IR section is upgraded and managed by the Swedish firm; the main features of the site include professional share performance and financial analysis tools and easily accessible IR communication solutions that helps stakeholders keep up-to-date and stay informed on financial events and dates, among other important activities by MEPCO.

Lisa Marklund, CEO, Euroland IR Middle East and Asia, stated:

“Saudi Arabia is making considerable strides to open its economy to the international investment community. We are now witnessing increased commitment among companies to enhance Investor Relations and Corporate Governance with improved accessibility to information. Companies are realizing the importance of adopting international Best Practices at every level of their organization. High-profile companies such as MEPCO realize the benefit of Best Practice Investor Relations and how to project and communicate in a transparent and consistent way with shareholders, international and local investors and all other stakeholders.”

She added: “The new Investor Relations section gives MEPCO’s audience the tools to monitor and understand the equity story and financials, through dynamic, interactive presentation. Intuitive solutions detailing dividends, as well as company announcements, a factsheet and subscription tools enable stakeholders to stay well informed and alert on development.” 

The site can be accessed at: MEPCO Investor Relations



MEPCO is one of the largest vertically-integrated paper manufacturer in the Middle East and Africa region, offering a diverse range of paper products to customers around the world. The Company’s innovative approach to doing business enables it to deliver significant environmental and economic benefit to its home market. MEPCO exports its products from Saudi Arabia to the GCC and wider Middle East & Africa region; furthermore, it has developed a growing presence in South Asia, the Americas and Europe. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, WASCO, MEPCO’s raw materials are sourced from locations across the Kingdom and neighbouring countries. The use of energy and water-efficient production processes enables MEPCO to offer recycled products to the market, while locally-sourced raw materials provide measurable benefit to the Saudi economy. The Company offers a wide range of containerboard and paperboard products for the large-scale manufacturing and secondary packaging markets. The Company is listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange, under Tadawul symbol ‘MEPCO’. For a full list of products, click here.  For more information about MEPCO, click here.



Euroland IR, a Swedish company with offices around the world, has been assisting companies in improving their Investor Relations by providing Best Practice Solutions and outstanding 24/7 service for years. In focusing on improving the web based IR communication strategy of our customers, we are able to provide the most technologically advanced and user-friendly solutions in the industry. Intuitive design enables comprehensive understanding of our clients’ equity story. It is the blueprint to our tools. Making them accessible and interactive encourages users to engage further with our client’s stock and financial history. This is how we engage investors and how we help our customers to build their brand and trust.

Striving always to stay ahead of the curve, we work tirelessly to reinvent and improve the way our customers communicate with investors and build relationships with their stakeholders. Our clients are blue chip cooperations as well as SME’s around the world.


Source: Instinctif Partners