As an integral part of the society in all its sections, and as a leader in presenting various initiatives and campaigns centered around social issues, Red Sea Mall has been outstanding in the significant role it plays in contributing towards activities and programs that drive the society towards growth and progress.

For three days, the Mall hosted a variety of activities, incorporating multinational companies and government agencies such as the Ministry of the Interior's Anti-Drug Department. The Mall was also decorated from inside and out in green along with exterior lighting for National Day celebration. The flags of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were distributed on this joyous occasion, along with caps and T-shirts carrying the National Day 88 slogan and the Red Sea Mall logo, giving visitors an opportunity to participate and rejoice in the celebration. The Mall, through various activities and programs, highlighted its interest to present initiatives that would benefit the Saudi society and please the Saudi citizens, especially as the celebrations of this year's national day were different in terms of scale and attribute across the Kingdom.

Mohammed Al Asiri, Marketing Manager at Red Sea Mall, stressed on the mall's keenness to present activities that promote all members of the society. He pointed out that the programs and events presented by the Center on the occasion of the National Day were centered around the objectives of the auspicious day, whereby the Kingdom’s founder united the people of this benevolent country and contributed to the laying of the founding stone to build a progressive civilization.

“The theme of this year's National Day celebration was solidarity between the wise leadership and the people, and the interaction has been great at various levels. The celebration of National Day must not be restricted for a specific day but should be the continuous source of inspiration for growth and progress of the nation and its people. It is with this understanding and objective that the Red Sea Mall in coordination with the relevant authorities, in particular the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Human Resources Development Fund, to adopt several initiatives which are still ongoing, including the Saudization campaign in partnership with the tenants in the mal, as well as the program of supporting productive families which started three years ago and benefited more than 300 families. Several of these have become small and medium-sized enterprises, which is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and the program continues to benefit many others. In addition, the Mall seeks to instill values of community awareness, benefiting from the increasing footfall of the visitors to the Mall”, said Al Asiri

“The Mall gives priority to the sons and daughters of the country through the resettlement campaign organized in coordination with the relevant authorities. This campaign has showed very positive results, with 1,000 Saudi women and girls employed, which constitutes 98% of the total number of workers in the center. In addition, 625 young Saudis were employed, which is equivalent to 38% of the total number of employees. The Saudization rate was 60% - the highest among the commercial centers in general”, he added.

It is noteworthy that the center hosts hundreds of entertainment and national events throughout the year, sometimes exceeding 450 activities, including the mall’s, universities, charity organizations, government sectors, traders and others. The Mall is committed towards participating in the sustainable development of Saudi society and promoting and supporting the spirit of citizenship among the Saudi youth.


Source: Memac Ogilvy PR