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Smoking can affect oral health and cause serious problems for teeth. It is therefore vital for smokers to take extra care and avoid damaging their teeth and gums. Dabur Herb’l Smokers Toothpaste is an innovative product launched in the Middle East from the house of Dabur to help remove deep yellow stains caused by nicotine. Additionally, it effectively fights the seven signs of smoker’s teeth to make them shining white and healthy.


Dabur Herb’l Smokers Toothpaste helps in reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar, eliminating bad breath, fighting gum diseases, and removing germs. It is recommended for use twice daily for long-lasting freshness and the good health of teeth and gums. Dabur Herb’l Smokers Toothpaste’s special formula is enriched with natural ingredients such as mint, salt and blackberry bark. Salt is an effective disinfectant for teeth and helps in removing nicotine stains, while blackberry bark is a natural astringent that strengthens teeth and gums and mint is known for its germicidal properties which help provide fresh breath.

Newly introduced in the region, Dabur Herb’l Smokers Toothpaste is widely available in leading supermarkets. It comes in a 150 gm tube with a free toothbrush.


Source: Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications