Ren tells CNN the company had been silent when the US took legal against Huawei and that it was time for the company to provide clarity and to prevent further misunderstanding. Ren also warned that scare tactics by the Trump administration could deter investors despite praise for his tax reductions.

In a wide-ranging interview, Ren denied several times that Huawei was working with the Chinese government on the lawsuit, that it didn't engage in spying or tech transfers and wanted to establish itself independently from the Chinese government when dealing with the US government.

Key quotes from Ren Zhengfei below:

"If this US administration always treats other countries, companies or individuals in a ferocious way, then no one would dare invest in the United States."

“Why is Huawei being singled out? There is no Huawei equipment in the US networks - has that made the US networks totally safe? If not, how can they tell other countries that your networks would be safe without Huawei? That’s why we want to make clear our stance by suing the US government.”

“Trump should be more open-minded and willing to accept all types of investments. If he becomes more tolerant of the world, then all the US-bound investments would ensure another century of American prosperity."

“We chose to have our voice heard at this moment because the US government considers us a threat to national security. They have to have evidence. Everybody in the world is talking about cybersecurity and they are singling out Huawei. What about Ericsson? What about Cisco? - Don’t they have cybersecurity issues?”


Source: Ketchum Raad