Lina is announcing the expansion of its services, an application that facilitates gas canister delivery, into the West Bank. This move aligns with the company’s plans for growth, as ultimately, this Jordanian born company aims to expand across the region. This celebratory phase arrives just in time Lina’s second year anniversary since the launch of their groundbreaking mobile application. 

Lina launches its application in Ramallah, thus meeting the high demand for the availability of gas canisters in the Palestinian market. This system allows for suppliers to connect with customers using technology, building a vital bridge between those who need gas and those who make a living supplying this valuable product. This application is particularly beneficial to this area; it can stabilize the price of gas canisters and manage the quality product itself, as well as monitor its delivery.

This step forward is in ordinance with the company’s aspirations to achieve their mission and vision. Over the past two years, this company was able to grow locally, and exponentially. With continuous effort, this team was able to increase innovative services available to Lina users, making it a top choice for both users as well as gas canister suppliers.  

Lina will enter the market in West Bank over two phases: The first stage will be executed by establishing their presence in Ramallah; the second stage will be expanding into Jinin and Nablus. During the initial phase, Lina will work with six different distributers to offer day and night delivery for the residence of Ramallah, then they will launch in Jinin and Nablus. From there, they aim to launch their services throughout Palestine.  

Mawlai Abdullah Abu-Basal expressed pride in regards to their path into Palestine stating: “ Our entrance into the ambitious Palestinian market marks the first step into expanding our services throughout the whole of Palestine”.

Abu-Basal further noted that their application that appeared in the Jordanian market in May of 2016 was simply an ambitious idea that employed modern technology to serve its citizens, which then grew into a very successful venture. Lina has become a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs both locally and regionally. More importantly, their team was able to create a scalable and sustainable application that will function with great purpose across the whole region.

It is worth noting that Lina offers three different services: it provides gas, liquid gas and diesel canisters. Additionally, Lina offers 3 kinds of delivery services: standard delivery, express delivery and nighttime delivery. Furthermore, for the first time in Jordan customers are able to pay by credit card through a mobile application.

Two years ago, Lina started its groundbreaking company with only two individuals. Now, Lina employs a staff of 12. This indicates the significance of entrepreneurial projects that conquers economic challenges and builds the capacity of Jordanian youth. 


Source: Tactix Consulting