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Fiona Elsa Dent and Viki Holton, both faculty at Ashridge Executive Education and authors of ‘How To Thrive and Survive As A Working Woman: The Coach Yourself Toolkit’ shares their perspectives on career issues faced by women in the Middle East based on their experience of working with many regional women managers who attend Ashridge Business School programmes and events.


For women in the Middle East, things have perhaps moved even more quickly than they have in the West, says Fiona Elsa Dent.  For instance, as little as two decades ago few local women held managerial or leadership positions in organizations in the Middle East. 

According to Dent: “During our executive programmes in the region in the past, it was rare to have even one woman attending. Over the past five years, the proportion of women from the region attending our programmes has grown dramatically and often they outnumber men. Conversations with these women drew our attention to some of the key issues that they experience – many of which are similar to women the world over.”

She calls these career multipliers and career derailers.

The multipliers that relate to women in the Middle East include:

And the derailers include:

So what can women in the region do to help themselves to thrive and survive?  According to Dent and Holton, there are three key areas that they believe worthy of each and every working woman’s focus:

The advice the authors have is that as a working woman you must take charge and create your own career journey.



About Ashridge Executive Education:

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