The Medical City (TMC), a private tertiary care hospital in the Philippines, will continue to make advancementsin its healthcare services in a move to boost the country’s medical tourism.


At a press briefing on Medical Tourism in the Philippines held at Millennium Airport Hotel, the delegation from TMC Philippines presented innovative healthcare services such as Robotics Surgery, Human Stem Cell and Cell-based Therapy Program and Laser Treatment for Scars that are available to the increasing number of tourists seeking medical treatment and procedures in the country.

The delegation from the Philippines include Dr.Cenon Alfonso, an experienced surgeon and the CEO of TMC Clark, Dr. Julius Cajucom, Urologist and head of the Robotics Surgery Program, Dr. Maria Mercedes C. Cruz, Dermatologist and Head of Laser Unit, Centre for Wellness and Aestheticsand Dr.Samuel D Bernal, Consultant, Institute of Personalised Molecular Medicine (IPMM), The Medical City.

The event was also graced by Consul General Paul Raymund Cortesof the Philippine Consulate General – Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Jose Javier Gonzales – TMC CEO for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Margaret Bengzon, Managing Director for Global Business Development & CEO of Guam Regional Medical City.

According to Dr.Alfonso, the target of TMC is not only to be on top in terms of provisions but on providing value to health as well. “We are not only talking about short-term cost but long-term cost of health care. The new value to care is not sick care or disease care but wellness care – preventive rather than reactionary which is what we want people to engage in especially those who are exposed to various unhealthy socio-economic-cultural lifestyles.”

Dr, Alfonso, who discussed “Quality and Innovative Healthcare with Tender Loving Care in the Philippines,” said that medical tourists seeking treatment or procedures in the Philippines will find the cost of care highly competitive, the quality of care is at par with the world and the country ranks top in the world for the most welcoming and happiest population.

“The cost of treatment at TMC is very competitive against Singapore, Thailand and any Western country considering complexity. We have well-trained, Western-educated and English-speaking healthcare professionals, we are known for our care and compassion and the tourism attractions which are available for fast healing and relaxing recovery after a medical procedure,” Dr. Alfonso pointed out.

Medical tourists who seek less invasive treatments will find TMC’s Robotic Surgery procedures effective and convenient. TMC has been offering robotic surgeries since 2010 for procedures that target difficult and hard to reach areas. Recently TMC acquiredits second robot, the more advanced da Vinci Si Surgical System for many urological, colorectal and gynecological operations.

“The advantages of robotics surgeries are manifold. Compared to open surgeries, it only makes tiny incisions on the patient’s body where holes are made and through these holes, the arms of the machine are inserted to perform the needed procedures. It is less traumatic, less bloody, causes less pain post-operatively and promotes faster recovery,” explained Dr.Cajucom who discussed TMC’s Robotics Surgery Program.

Dr. Cruz discussed treatment of scars by using laser procedure while Dr. Bernal focused on the first fully-accredited Human Stem Cell and Cell-based Therapy Program in the Philippines. The backbone of the IPMM is Regenerative Medicine, involving the engineering of cells and other biomaterials to restore or replace organ function lost or impaired due to disease, injury or aging, and ultimately improving the quality of life.

As one of the top medical institutions in the Philippines certified for excellent medical care, The Medical City is promoting health through different approaches, one of which is interventions for those who are already requiring them due to illness. TMC has the widest spectrum of care provided by its specialty centre, from the simplest consultation, second opinions, check-up, dental surgery up to the most complex Cardiac, Organ Transplantation, Orthopedic, Weight Management, Aesthetic, Eye Surgery, Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation Programs and many more.

The Medical City is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the only patient safety and quality healthcare accreditation and certification body with membership in more than 100 countries worldwide. TMC’s health network serves over 50,000 in-patients and more than 1.5 million outpatients every year. It has more than 1,500 medical staff complemented by 5,000 allied medical and administrative staff.


About The Medical City:

The Medical City (TMC) has distilled 49years of experience in hospital operation and administration in the establishment of its world-class healthcare organization that serves some 40,000 inpatients and 400,000 outpatients a year. The main facility is located on a 1.5 hectare property along Ortigas Avenue in the business district of Pasig City, Metro Manila. It is composed of 115,000 square meters of floor space, and includes two Nursing Towers with capacity of up to 800 beds, joined by a Podium, bridge ways and a Medical Arts Tower.

TMC boasts of a distinguished medical staff of some 1,000 physicians, all of whom are experienced and recognized experts in their various fields. The Medical staff is supported by a 2,110-member organization composed of allied medical and administrative staff, many of whom have honed their expertise over years of loyal service to the institution.

TMC has defined for itself a unique service philosophy in which the patient is viewed not as a problem to be solved or a charge to be cared for, but as an equal and empowered partner, co-responsible for the attainment of his health goals.

TMC has been conferred accreditation by the Joint Commission International for attaining and maintaining the highest standards of quality for healthcare organizations. JCI is widely recognized as the most prestigious accrediting body for international healthcare organizations. In its evaluation by JCI, TMC has received perfect scores in standards related to Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Patients and Family Education, and Governance, Leadership and Direction, a truly exceptional achievement by any measure.


Source: Illustrado Communications FZ-LLC