The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates announced that it will introduce into circulation, on Tuesday 30/10/2018, a currency note of AED One Hundred (AED100) denomination, reprinted with new security features, all on the front side of the   note as follows:

1.     SPARK® Live:

A colour changing security feature printed at the left-hand bottom corner on the front of the currency note.
When the note is tilted, the colour is shifting from green to blue and shows a bar of light moving from top to bottom.
The numeral 100 is integrated in this feature.

2. Galaxy Thread:-

The existing colour shifting security thread replaced with an advanced Galaxy three dimensional security thread.

When the note is tilted the colour is shifting from green to blue and a three dimensional movement is also noticeable within the enhanced circular element. The 100 numeral within the thread is visible.
3. The original silver filigree foil has been removed and replaced with intaglio overprint at the front upper right-hand side of the currency note.
4. The denomination value “100” at the right-hand bottom corner on the front of the currency note has been removed.
The overall design and other specifications of the currency note remain the same as the current currency notes in circulation.  
This currency note will be put in circulation as legal tender, along with the AED 100 denomination currency notes currently in circulation.   


Source: Newgate Communications