Raising the bar yet another notch, RAK Hospital, one of UAE’s premium healthcare providers, has launched a 24/7 paediatric clinic in its facility in Ras Al Khaimah. The round-the-clock clinic offers specialised medical expertise and state-of-the-art technological acumen designed to address paediatric healthcare needs, besides providing emergency services by specialist paediatricians. Ensuring the presence of full-time consultants for children, the step is also convenient for parents who are hard pressed for time during the day to make visits to the hospital for regular check-ups, vaccinations and other treatments.


The 24-hour facility specialises in general paediatric medicine, immunisation, acute and chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, management of juvenile diabetes mellitus and management of child obesity, among other services.

Dr Vishal Rajmal Mehta, specialist paediatrician at RAK Hospital said: “The idea is to provide parents with the option of top-of-the-line medical expertise at all times. A 24/7 facility like this, which offers various specialised paediatric services, gives a sense of reassurance to parents, particularly to working parents who now don’t have to work around their schedule for consultation visits with their children’s paediatrician. Our main aim is to ensure that every child has equal access to medical care and to provide a wider platform to disseminate quality healthcare”.

Addressing the need for 24-hour paediatric emergency service, Dr Sherif Ahmed Baathallah, specialist paediatrician at RAK Hospital commented: “In certain situations children need specialist paediatric care, which is not always available at hospitals, and this is another thing that RAK Hospital has tried to address. In case of an emergency, parents can now can rush their child here in full confidence that a specialist paediatrician is always available.”

The doctors also advised parents to keep their eyes open for any changes in their children’s physical or psychological behaviour that may necessitate paediatric emergency care. High fever (more than 39 degrees), breathing difficulties, persistent or severe vomiting or diarrhoea,  abnormal body movements, fainting or loss of consciousness, head trauma or fall from a significant height, cut wounds with profuse bleeding or bleeding that does not stop and sudden persistent abdomen pain all indicate an urgent visit to the hospital.

Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director, RAK Hospital, added: “As always our main focus is on helping people conveniently access quality healthcare. In a country like UAE where so many facilities are available 24/7, why should paediatric health lag behind? We hope that this step will facilitate parents in ensuring that their child receives proper and regular healthcare.”

RAK Hospital has been making constant progress in bringing speciality healthcare to the UAE healthcare sector. Its paediatric department has earned a trusted name for its infrastructure, skilled medical staff and in their handling of emergency situations.


Source: Pulse 360 PR & Marketing Communications