In support of World No Tobacco Day, observed around the world every year on 31st May, Dentist Direct Dubai reminds the public about the risks of tobacco use especially in the UAE where a the number of smokers is increasing.

Tobacco consumption among young people had already reached 21.9%, according to recent report about UAE’s Global Youth Tobacco conducted by Ministry of Health. In the UAE, 14.3% of young males, 24% of adult males, 2.9% of young females and 1% of adult females are current cigarette smokers, and due to their continuous exposure to tobacco smoke at home and in public place, their numbers is expected to increase.

Smoking has proven many ill effects on the overall health such as heart attack or stroke, and is a leading cause of lung cancer. Smoking while pregnant has also been linked to premature babies and birth defects. Smoking also greatly affects teeth, gums, jawbone and mouth tissues.

Dentist Direct Dubai identifies other significant ways that smoking ruins oral health and suggested the following treatments:

Tooth Stains -- Smoking causes tooth stains or overall tooth discoloration. Teeth whitening or veneers can reduce or remove the staining. Dentist Direct provides the best affordable Dental veneers, other alternatives include simple tooth reshaping (enameloplasty), using tooth colored filling materials to close gaps and reshape teeth (bonding) and different methods of tooth whitening.

Bad Breath -- One of the main causes of halitosis is smoking. With Dentist Direct ‘s Fresh Breath Clinic, it can help identify the cause of halitosis and cure this embarrassing problem by examining the gums for signs of gum disease, and provide a thorough hygiene treatment including cleansing of tongue, followed by an Oral ProBiotic Rinse containing a blend of three select oral bacterial strains namely S. oralis, S. uberis, and S. rattus for improving oral health, freshening  breath, and whitening teeth, while controlling the aggressive bacteria that cause bad breath.

Tooth Decay -- Smoking increases the amount of dental plaque in the mouth, and the more dental plaque, the harder it is to remove. This eventually leads to dental tartar and tooth decay.  Dentist Direct’s practice has the benefit of having a dental hygienist who is highly trained in the prevention of gum disease.  Rachael England Dental Hygienist, works closely with the rest of the dental team to give her patients the best in preventative care and teeth cleaning. She is specially trained to show people how to care for their teeth and gums at home to keep them healthy.

Gum Disease -- Tobacco interferes with the function of gum tissue cells. Gums become damaged by separating from the bone, leaving them open to infection. Early gum disease is called gingivitis and affects over 75% of the population that can treated by a team effort between the patient, dentist and hygienist. Dentist Direct will carry out an examination and x-rays to assess the damage to the bone levels hidden under the gum.

Tooth Loss -- Advanced periodontitis eventually leads to bone deterioration and tooth loss. However at Dentist Direct, the clinic uses a syringe-less and pain-less anaesthesia technique with The Wand to ensure patients are fully numb and comfortable before they begin periodontal treatment. Drift away listening to music of your choice and allow the caring experienced staff to look after you.  Dentist Direct also offers dental implants that can replace the root of a tooth and have crowns, bridges or dentures positioned on them to replace missing teeth.

Oral Cancer -- Smoking greatly increases chances of getting oral cancer. In fact, 90% of oral cancer patients are smokers. Pipes, shisha, cigars and chewing tobacco all have the same effect on your oral health as cigarettes. So no matter what your preference, any tobacco product you choose won't be better for you than the next. Dentist Direct use the latest VelScope technology to examine your mouth for early signs of abnormalities, early diagnosis is key to treatment success.

Dentist Direct is commitment to provide extensive and high quality dental services with its comprehensive dental plans that will help in providing tailored services according to patients’ needs. The Clinic gives high importance to preventative dental care, so having a dental plan is imperative to ensure your dental health continues to be monitored and maintained.


About the Dentist Direct Dubai:

Dentist Direct provides dental health care services in the United Arab Emirates. The company’s dental services include veneers, composite bonding, enamel reshaping, crowns, invisible fillings, teeth whitening, gaps, implants, professional tooth cleaning, and fresh breath. It provides services to children, parents, infants, juniors, and teens. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Barsha Heights, Dubai.


Source: The Idea Agency