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Sensitivity of teeth is a common oral health issue that affects one in three people. A condition, when one experiences sharp pain on consumption of hot, cold or sweet food or beverage, is known as sensitivity of teeth. Dental experts have revealed that sensitive teeth are the result of the de-mineralization of teeth due to frequent intake of acidic food such as meat, fish, poultry and grains. It is further accelerated by regular use of fluoride toothpaste. Due to de-mineralization, enamels and gums are weakened, exposing the tooth nerve, which when is exposed to any food or liquid that is extremely hot, cold or sweet, causes a sensation in the nerve. In advance can, in advance cases, can lead to acute pain and gum bleeding.


Dabur International has launched a highly effective Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste with a proven formula of natural ingredients such as cinnamon, mint and licorice root, herbs used traditionally in treatment of dental problems, along with potassium ions. It acts as a de-sensitizing agent to provide instant and long-lasting protection from sensitivity of teeth by fighting of the seven signs of sensitivity. Free from any harmful chemicals or fluoride that aggravates the problem, the toothpaste penetrates deep into the tooth, helps block exposed nerves, and strengthens and smoothen gums, prevents formation of plaque, gum inflammation, and tooth decay for quick relief. Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste is recommended for use at least twice a day for complete oral care.

Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste is available in the Middle East in 150 gm pack with a free soft bristle toothbrush custom-designed for sensitive teeth.


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