The recent opening of the state-of-the-art Beverly Hills Medical Center in Abu Dhabi has been met with great enthusiasm in the region’s capital, prompting a stark increase in a series of medical, cosmetic and dermatology services and procedures.

Headed up by Dr. Khaled Othman, the Beverly Hills Aesthetica department forms part of the widely anticipated Beverly Hills Medical Center, which specialises in one-day care procedures.

Dr. Othman, with more than 20 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and andrology, has witnessed a significant rise in the number of procedures at the facility since first opening.

“The services at Beverly Hills Aesthetica and the wider Beverly Hills Medical Center have been met with open arms by the local and expat community in Abu Dhabi, as well as the wider UAE,” says Dr. Othman.  “In just a short space of time, we have been able to recognise some key trends within the industry which are sure to set the tone for the upcoming summer months.”

Walk-in-walk-out procedures

“Beverly Hills Medical Center’s core speciality is one-day care procedures as we know that clients don’t want to have to spend days or weeks in a hospital or in recovery.  Especially in the UAE, where people lead very busy and active lifestyles, the rise in demand for walk-in-walk-out procedures is evident and people are looking for effective, easy, non-invasive and convenient services that don’t disrupt their schedules and their lifestyles,” says Dr. Othman.  He highlights the hydra facial, mesotherapy for face and hair, skin tightening by Ulthera and the carbon laser treatments as the most popular at the clinic.

Young at heart (and the body)

Various anti-aging and skin repair practices exist at Beverly Hills Aesthetica, including botox injections, dermojet injections, chemical peeling, filler injections and platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Dr. Othman says that the trend in this sector is to focus on key areas of the face rather than the face as a whole – with the aim of having the perfect pout or the sweetest cheeks.

“There has been a great demand for botox injections, which is expected as it is by far the most well-known and used form of anti-aging across the globe.  While this will rise even more in the coming months as we head into summer, other methods such as the dermojet injection is increasingly becoming the go-to treatment as it is an effective and safe method for dealing with scars that are often unresponsive,” he says.

Dr. Othman explains that dermojet injections are the “next generation of needle-less injections” as they operate by producing a high-velocity microjet which penetrates the skin without a needle and without direct skin contact.  This method is becoming more frequently used by dermatologists to treat a variety of skin diseases such as tough Keloid and Hypertrophic (heaped-up) scars.

Shedding light on the subject

The Dr. Muller Beauty Light Therapy is one of the latest and most effective scientifically proven beauty treatments that rejuvenates, smoothens and detoxifies the skin. “The skin, as our body’s largest organ, can have many different conditions sparked from a number of genetic or environmental circumstances.  The Dr. Muller Beauty Light Therapy is the ideal combination of 18 collagen lamps, 15 bright skin lamps and 15 blue skin lamps, which ensure the highest quality benefits that colour light therapy can bring,” explains Dr. Othman.

Body sculpting for the summer

The other most talked about treatment is the Cristal Cool Sculpting Fat Freezing Therapy, which is the world’s number one non-invasive fat-reduction procedure.  “This involves innovatively freezing the unwanted fat using a cool sculpting procedure, without the process of surgery,” says Dr. Othamn.  Keeping with the non-invasive and walk-in-walk-out trends, no needles or downtime are required for this procedure.  “It really is an innovative alternative to the more traditional liposuction methods. The non-aggressive applicators simply freeze the fat cells and as fat cells are vulnerable to cold, the body gradually metabolises them and they start to shrink, eventually making them disappear,” he explains.

Other sought-after services at Beverly Hills Aesthetica include skin tightening, slimming, Dr. Müller Collagen Enhancement Therapy, Elite Plus hair removal, Carbon Spectra laser therapy, thread lifting, Secret RF Micro Needling therapy and Micro Dermabrasion.

Beverly Hills Medical Center is located on 15 Street, Mohammed Bin Khalifa Street, Mushrif Area, opposite The International School of Choueifat, Abu Dhabi.


About Beverly Hills Medical Center

Beverly Hills Medical Center (BHMC) is a one-day care surgery, multi-specialty medical center offering high quality medical care in Abu Dhabi. The center is easily accessible, and offers a quiet, welcoming and comfortable haven away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

With state-of-the-art facilities, BHMC uses the latest technology from U.S. and Europe. The team at the center consists of world-class doctors and highly qualified specialists from across the U.A.E., Europe and Canada.

Clinical healthcare services include ENT, paediatrics, cardiology, dentistry, gastroenterology, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopedics and urology among various others. While the dermatology department provides anti-aging treatments, chemical peels, mesotherapy, fillers, facials and laser procedures. The center also conducts plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Beverly Hills Medical Center is located on 15 Street, Mohammed Bin Khalifa Street, Mushrif Area, opposite The International School of Choueifat in Abu Dhabi.


Source: Q Communications