An Emirati mother, Shaikhah Al Zahmi Obaid’s obesity issue coupled with knee problem could have disabled her, had a diligent Dr. Hans Werner Fuchs, Consultant - Orthopedic Surgery at Burjeel Hospital, not treated it on time.

Mrs. Obaid has a painful medical history. She was treated in Germany for a problem in her left kidney followed by a thyroid surgery in the UAE. However, after the surgery, she experienced numbness and weakness in both legs. When she visited Burjeel Hospital, she came on a stretcher and had not been walking for almost two years. She was completely dependent on her family and caretakers and had drastically gained weight with a BMI of 50.

Due to the complex nature of her case and her complicated medical history of nephrectomy, thyroidectomy, and diabetes mellitus among others, several hospitals in various emirates had not been able to completely treat Mrs. Obaid’s condition.

Mrs. Obaid was 130kg when she came to Burjeel Hospital. “The challenge in Mrs. Obaid’s case was not only the very advanced debilitating stage of osteoarthritis, but also her morbid obesity.  The only way her case would be completely turned around is by using a multidisciplinary approach,” said Dr. Fuchs. “After seeing her case and after series of diagnostic tests, we prioritized knee replacement surgery for both her knees which were totally destroyed with advanced osteoarthritis; left worse than right.”

Mrs. Obaid was put on a close monitor by a dietician and a physiotherapist prior to the medical operation. After losing significant weight, the knee replacement surgery was performed on the left knee. “With weight down to 117.5 kg, she is not just able to walk and move, but also, she is very active and bustling. She is now completely independent and is able to do tasks on her own without relying on anyone’s help,” reported Dr. Fuchs.

For the past two years, Mrs. Obaid led a severely handicapped life. Walking and moving were extremely difficult and painful. However, after two years of chronic pain, 69-year-old Mrs. Obaid underwent a dedicated multidisciplinary treatment with pre-operative and post-operative management at Burjeel Hospital. She is walking and moving pain-free now.

Dr. Fuchs, who spearheaded Mrs. Obaid’s treatment, stressed that, “In such complex cases, patients need to be provided with medical, surgical, as well as psychosocial support. A wholistic approach is required for a complicated condition such as this.”

Dr. Fuchs’s has conducted more than 2,000 knee replacement surgeries during his medical practice, with high success rates.  “At Burjeel, we are now performing some of the most advanced techniques for knee replacement in the region. Furthermore, we help patients set and meet their recovery goals by working closely with them before and after the surgery. We emphasize to them that movement is key to relieving pain. The more they move, the less likely they will need to rely on drugs for recovery. In addition, we make sure that patients know what to realistically expect after surgery, and also prepare their homes and loved ones for their recovery,” said Dr. Fuchs.

“I never thought this would happen to me.  I am truly indebted to Burjeel Hospital, especially to Dr. Fuchs,“ said Mrs. Obaid. “He and his medical team have done everything to ensure that I get the best medical treatment.  They gave me my second life.”

“We are forever thankful to the management and doctors of Burjeel Hospital for giving us hope.  Without their medical advice and expertise, sincere encouragement, and concern, our mother will not be able to regain her life,” said Mrs. Obaid’s son.

Subsequent to the knee replacement surgery, Mrs. Obaid’s treatment will also focus on rehabilitation and the management of her other pressing medical issues.


About Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi:

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Source: Blue Apple Mediacom FZ LLC