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Linde Sleep & Respiratory Care Centre, one-of-its-kind sleep diagnostic and treatment centre in Abu Dhabi, one of the largest in the region and part of Linde Healthcare– a global healthcare company, is ensuring good sleep health by effectively assessing, examining and treating sleep disorders.


Since the beginning of operations in Q1, 2015, the Linde Sleep & Respiratory Care Centre has used its expertise in the sleep and respiratory health domain to help patients suffering from various sleep disorders in the UAE and the region. The new centre is also creating awareness for thousands who do not understand the complications arising out of sleep disorders.

The launch of the centre comes amidst surging awareness of sleep disorders across the globe. It is estimated that over one third of the world’s population currently suffers from some sort of sleep disorder, be it insomnia, sleep apnoea or restless leg syndrome. These can lead to a number of serious diseases including hypertension, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, among others.

Regionally also, the various health implications from lack of sleep are on the rise, and Linde Sleep & Respiratory Care Centre is employing cutting-edge technology and procedural standards of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for diagnosis of various disorders.

Mr. Ali Hamdani, Managing Director of Linde Healthcare Middle East, said: “Sleep disorders are still a relatively unknown and uncharted area of medicine and this is where Linde Sleep & Respiratory Care Centre has revolutionized the industry. At the Centre, we provide a platform to develop a complete respiratory care program for various sleep disorders.”

He added: “We are confident that Linde Sleep Centre will contribute significantly within the region to this exciting and innovative branch of medicine, owing to the global expertise we bring with our well-established Linde Healthcare services across the world.”
Linde Sleep & Respiratory Centre offers a premium environment for patients and ensures a homely ambiance for minimum disruption to their sleep. The American Board certified physician and sleep therapists at the Centre use the best sleep diagnostic equipment and follow the global best practices.

The Centre reinforces the global reputation of Linde Healthcare, which is present in over 60 countries and caters to over 1.5 million patients and over 20,000 hospitals and clinics.


About Linde Healthcare:

Linde Healthcare is a globally leading healthcare company specialising along an integrated respiratory care path.  Linde Healthcare combines pharmaceutical gases, medical devices, services and clinical care into purposeful solutions for patients and healthcare professionals throughout the care continuum from hospital to home. The company is present in over 60 countries and generated revenue of EUR 3,015 billion in 2013. Its product and service offering encompasses a wide range of product-oriented services such as gas supply and gas therapies, sleep and pain therapies, and patient-centred services. Linde Healthcare focuses on four strategic business segments: Hospital Care, Gas Therapies, Homecare and Care Concepts. Long known for expertise in respiratory homecare, our Homecare competencies cover the full spectrum of services with a focus on patients’ individual needs. In the Care Concepts business segment, REMEO® is Linde Healthcare’s innovative programme for long-term mechanically ventilated patient care, offering an integrated care path that bridges the gap between a hospitals’ ICU and a patient’s home.


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