A team of radiologists and pulmonologists from the American Hospital Dubai successfully performed its first case of computerized tomography (CT) fluoroscopy-guided lung biopsy using its newly acquired low-radiation dosage CT scanner.

The hospital is the first in the Middle East region to offer the state-of-the-art CT scanner with reduced radiation dose requirements as part of its bid to deliver advanced medical support at the local and regional levels. Its first case of CT fluoroscopy-guided lung biopsy procedure marks another groundbreaking milestone in itsinitiatives relating to the provision of superior medical care.

Dr. Dunia Gazi Abdelrahman, Specialist Radiology at American Hospital Dubai, said:  “CT-guided biopsy in general is rarely used compared withultrasound-guided biopsy but it has been proven effective in other anatomical areas such as lungs and bones.The CT fluoroscopy capability of our modern CT scanner allowed our renowned team of specialists to push through with the procedure without any major concern. This is indeed a momentous event for the American Hospital Dubai as we continue to innovate in the delivery of our services in line with our commitment to high-quality patient care and in support of the growing healthcare system in Dubai and the UAE.”

CT fluoroscopy not only enables faster and crisp image reconstruction but it also reduces radiation exposure. Using a co-axial needle technique for a more stable position, the procedure is less invasive and more economical than surgery.

“This latest development is a concrete demonstration of the American Hospital Dubai’s unwavering quest to always be ahead of its competitors when it comes to extending pioneering and best-in-class health solutions. Additionally, we have shown our sustained willingness to keep abreast of the latest global trends and apply the same in our processes and procedures to guarantee quality and best outcomes in our services. Rest assured that we will consistently embark on similar endeavors to effectively address the health needs of all our patients,” Dr. Dunia concluded.


Source: Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications