Those in search of the perfect, brighter and healthier smile are being empowered to take control of their dental transformation thanks to the launch of the ‘Trial Smile’ at Dr Roze & Associates Dental Clinic.

The complimentary ‘Trial Smile’ initiative offers dental patients the chance to test drive their ideal smile, enabling them to make an informed decision, before committing to any restoration work.

Dr Andrew Culbard, Cosmetic Dentist, Dr Roze & Associates Dental Clinic, said: “It is easier to imagine how a new smile will look and feel when you can try it on rather than listening to a dentist describe what the treatment involves, how the end results will look and why it’s beneficial.

“Your smile is the first impression you give to anyone you meet. It is important therefore, that you feel happy and comfortable with it.”

So how does ‘Trial Smile’ work?

First, the cosmetic dentist will carry out a full examination of the patient’s mouth to ensure dental health is adequate and teeth are appropriate for the procedure. The dentist will discuss with the patient what improvements they are looking to achieve.

Moulds are then taken of the existing teeth. Using these moulds, the dentist will work to create a temporary ‘trial smile’ within seven days. No drilling, numbing or pain is involved during this process.

On return to the cosmetic dentist, the patient is given the opportunity to try out the mock impression of their smile to see how it will look in all three spatial dimensions. With the smile in place, patients can also determine at this point how it will feel when talking and laughing.

Following the second consultation, the patient will be advised on a full treatment plan, including all costs involved in delivering the new smile. Treatment required could range from veeners, crowns and fillings to whitening and orthodontics in the form of clear Invisalign braces.

During both consultations, photographs and video clips are taken of the patient’s existing and new smile to enable them to compare the before and after looks. These images and videos can be taken home to show family and friends before patients commit to any irreversible modifications.

“With Trial Smile, not only do our patients get to try their ideal smile before they buy, they also have the opportunity to have input in the overall design process, “ said Dr Natalia Rabago Cervera, Comestic & Restorative Dentist, Dr Roze & Associates Dental Clinic.

She continued: “We also provide a full breakdown of the treatment process and all the costs involved, allowing our patients to have more control over the entire process. It is their smile after all, so they need to be completely satisfied with the end look before they begin with the work. “

“The anxiety of not knowing how the final results of cosmetic dentistry will look is a huge aspect that hinders many patients from having treatment done. With Trial Smile we can greatly reduce the fear of the unknow by allowing patients to actually visualise how their new smile will look and feel. “

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