Women who fear losing fertility as age progresses and those undergoing medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, can find renewed hope in egg freezing – a viable and safe option for fertility preservation. Egg freezing gives such women the confidence to take control of their fertility, without giving up the dream of starting a family. Bourn Hall Fertility Centre Dubai hosted an event on March 6 to raise awareness regarding the procedure. Titled, ‘Egg Freeze n Chill’, the meet up was attended by women from different social and cultural backgrounds who were able to learn about the process, share their experiences, and participate in an extensive Q&A.

The egg freezing process entails extracting a woman’s eggs, harvesting or maturing them, and then flash-freezing them, also known as vitrification. When the woman is ready to use them later, the eggs are thawed, fertilised and transferred to her embryo through IVF.

“The main age-related fertility problems are associated with the way a woman's egg quality and quantity decreases as she gets older” explains Dr David Robertson, Group Medical Director at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, and adds, “storing eggs at a younger age increases a woman’s chances of conceiving at a later age. This means that if a woman freezes her eggs in her late 20s, and decides to start a family in late 30s, she will have the advantage of using eggs that are 10 years younger and of better quality.”

The event took place at the Capital Club Dubai, a casual and relaxed setting where the women attending felt comfortable to participate and ask questions that they would otherwise have ignored.

“How many eggs do you need to freeze to get the right assurance?” “What is the annual fee” “Am I too young to freeze my eggs?” “Would I need to take time off?” and “Are there any side effects?” were only a few of the questions that the ladies addressed to Dr David.

The event also comprised personal testimonies from women who froze their eggs. They were able to bond with the ladies attending who were moved and inspired by the stories shared.

Bourn Hall Fertility Centre has been a pioneer in the field of fertility, and home to the first IVF baby, Louise Brown who was born the facility in the UK 40 years ago. The clinic continues to introduce innovation technologies and procedures to further improve chances for couples struggling with infertility. Bourn Hall has the first and largest clean room laboratory which is essential for embryo development, and the only stand-alone fertility centre to receive the prestigious American quality accreditation – JCI. The centre also conducts regular seminars, campaigns and meet-ups to raise the level of awareness on fertility related issues.


Source: MENA Strategies