58-year-old, Noor Muhammed Khan was treated by surgeons at Zulekha Hospital in Dubai for bilateral shoulder pain. The patient was treated for acute bilateral shoulder pain with restricted movement. After a successful operation, the patient’s pain has completely gone and his range of movement is 90% restored.

The patient had previously suffered an accident where a tyre fell on his back, forcing his weight onto his shoulders. Mr. Khan commented: “Following my accident, I experienced unbearable shoulder pain for three months, which was predominantly in the right shoulder. My muscles became extremely stiff and my movement was restricted which made it extremely difficult to work and sleep which ultimately impacted my quality of life.”

Based on X-ray and MRI scans taken of the right shoulder, it became clear to Zulekha Hospital’s doctors that two major muscles of the patient’s right shoulder were badly torn. Mr Khan continued, “I visited a number of clinics and hospitals with no resolution for my problem. After months of sleepless nights and intolerable pain, I eventually met Dr. Chetan Prakash at Zulekha Hospital.”

Dr. Chetan Prakash, Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon at Zulekha Hospital determined that, due to the patient’s pain and difficulty carrying out day-to-day activities, the most suitable action would be keyhole arthroscopic surgery. This was the best approach for the patient’s chances of having a full recovery, as the alternative of open surgery would not have given Mr. Khan full mobility in the shoulder.

The team of surgeons included Dr. Prakash and Dr. Chidananda Shivashankar, Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon. Additionally, Dr. Malini Subramaniam, Head of Physiotherapy, assisted for post-operative therapy. Dr. Prakash said: “I would like to thank Dr. Shivashankar for his great help given to me during the time of surgery. The case was picked up by us and we were able to operate at the right time using the best surgery option, in this case minimally invasive keyhole surgery, to provide the patient with the best results.”

Mr. Khan added: “After surgery, I no longer experience pain and have managed to regain 90% of the movement in my shoulder. I can now sleep happily and have returned to work for which I am really grateful.”

The patient was advised to receive post-operative physiotherapy in order to avoid any recurrence of pain.


Source: Four Communications