Boasting a success rate of 70 per cent, the highest in Oman, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, Muscat is making IVF treatment accessible to couples for the first time ever, by extending its unique program, ‘Conceive with Our IVF Program’.

This special program helps couples get up to three  IVF cycles at a discounted price of OMR 5,000 instead of the original price of OMR 5,400.

The couples’ investment in IVF treatment is secure. At the end of three cycles, if the couple is unable to conceive, the program offers a full money back guarantee as per the applicable eligibility criteria and terms of the offer.

Dr. Frank Ruiz, Medical Director, IVI Middle East, Fertility Clinic, Muscat, said: “Infertility is a growing problem for many couples in the region today. There are many who wish to receive IVF treatment and are unable, due to the cost involved. This can lead to emotional and financial stress. IVI Fertility Clinic, extends a helping hand to these couples through the ‘Conceive with Our IVF Program’.”

“As many couples approach us for the realization of their parenthood dream, our offer will benefit those struggling to

conceive naturally. They have access to world-class treatment here in the Sultanate since our facility is a world class IVF clinic of international standards,” added Dr. Ruiz.

IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic is the world leader in delivering fertility care. Its clinic in Oman is the third facility in the Middle East after Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, providing holistic services to treat female and male infertility problems.

To avail of this program:

The Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), a fertility hormone test to estimate the woman’s ovarian reserve, should be >=2 ng/ml with an antral follicle count of 10 or more; she should be less than 38 years of age and have a
BMI < 32kgs/m2.


Source: Virtue PR & Marketing Communications