Medical News

Kaya Skin Clinic, the largest international skin care clinic in Middle East, has launched a social, fun & unique campaign this year as part of its annual support to the month-long breast cancer awareness drive in October. Running for the fifth consecutive year, Kaya’s breast cancer initiative this year titled as the #PowerOfThree, aims to both excite and engage every woman to take part in it.

For many women, dealing with unwanted hair is a daily struggle. Body hair is directly related to femininity; especially that it is not typical for a woman to have excessive hair in places such as the face and arms.

Feeling short on sleep? Is a good night’s sleep schedule still eluding you? Is the pressure at work or some family issues unnerving you? It is well known that a relaxed sleep schedule, bedtime habits and other lifestyle picks have a major impact on the quality of the night’s sleep.
And it is no rocket science that a good night’s sleep could influence the way we feel on the next day!

As nations across the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia (MEASA) region work to implement food safety standards through their respective food supply chains, the manufacturing, food processing, packaging and logistics sectors play a particularly important role in improving, supporting and driving quality control measures within their areas of expertise. With its strategic position as a key trading hub for the global food industry, Dubai is well placed to take the lead in improving and aligning food safety standards across the region.

Cocoona Day Surgical Centre for aesthetic transformation, a leading centre of cosmetic excellence, dental, orthopaedic, weight loss surgery and dietary services, has announced the launch of 3D and 4D Vaser high definition liposculpting – minimally invasive procedures to efficiently remove unwanted body fat.