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In collaboration with Najahi and Success Resources, the leading seminar organizer in the world, the Middle East is welcoming its first National Achievers Congress 2016 on the 18th and 19th of November 2016 at Festival Arena Al Badia in Dubai. In its 23rd year, the renowned international congress brings together a line-up of outstanding global achievers and influencers to the region to pave the way for entrepreneurs.

In yet another expert-led analysis of the regional as well as global market trends, Al Masah Capital Management Limited reviewed a rise in Venture Capitalism, the dynamic nature of Small and Medium Enterprises and their significant roleplay in fostering innovation and promoting global economies.

The way we understood retail is changing rapidly, according to experts, over 80% customers in the region indulge in digital activity before or after their purchase and browse product information on various channels including the social media before making a buying decision. Trends like online shopping, shop and ship, click and pick will continue to offer SMEs a huge opportunity in the regional retail sector in the coming years.

Looking to fine-tune your backhand or strengthen a serve? Davide Giusti is the go-to man for all things tennis. As head of JA’s Tennis Academy, the tennis ace is no stranger to meeting the most famous faces in sport, including Thomas Enqvist and Roger Federer. Read on below as the professional tennis coach shares his photos and memories on meeting these top players.

For a very long time I lived with huge amounts of stress in my life, from relationships to employment and finances it was a never-ending treadmill of worry and anxiety.