Studies and reports

A new report compiled by Boston Global Consulting Group (BCG), titled ‘Towards A Broader View of National Performance’, prepared in collaboration with the 2019 World Government Summit, shines light on the need to go beyond the widely-used Gross Domestic Product (GDP) metric as a sole indicator of societal well-being and economic performance.

With the launch of new developments and talk of oversupply in the Dubai property market, Lewis Allsopp, CEO of Allsopp & Allsopp has released quotes with a differing view.

Use of the cloud to handle IT workloads by education institutions is set to increase by 2020, bringing numerous benefits to the education sector in terms of efficiency, cost reductions and security management, according to the first ever global Enterprise Cloud index commissioned by Nutanix. The study, which examined the education sector’s plans for adopting private, hybrid and public clouds*, found that 55% of educational institutions’ workloads will be running in the cloud by 2020, compared to 38% currently. The results depict a future powered by ‘hyperconverged’ infrastructure, with education institutions to benefit from advantages including improved scalability, lower total cost of operation and flexibility of workload applications.

In Bali, a school built entirely from bamboo in a cleared patch of jungle is creating a generation of young people who attend UN climate conferences, start fashion companies to help Indian children buy school uniforms, and lobby the Balinese government to reduce the usage of plastic bags on the island. 

As the New Year gets underway, a recent Career Aspirations study by – the Middle East’s #1 Job Site – and YouGov – global online market research company – has revealed that professionals in the region are encouragingly optimistic about their career outlooks for 2019. In the UAE specifically, 84% of professionals have a positive outlook for the new year. Only 6% felt negatively, while the remaining were neutral.