The UAE ranked 13th on the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, outperforming Canada, Australia and France along with several other established markets.The 10thSupply Chain and Logistics Summit (SCLG)focussed on harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, IoT and its impact on the logistics industry.  The supply chain and logistics industry constitutes close to 14% of the country’s GDP.


“Today, the global logistics industry finds itself in a period of rapid change where new technologies and trends are disrupting existing business models. Some of these include advanced warehousing management systems driven by robotics, the emergence of sustainable supply chain solutions, growing demand for last mile delivery resources. At the same time, disruption is creating new challenges that must be addressed by companies in an effort to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive market,” stated Mr.Atiq Juma Nasib, Senior VP – Commercial Services, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Expansion projects and new investments in the UAE’s airports and ports are expected to fuel future growth within the sector, while the country’s air freight market is projected to expand by a compound annual growth rate of 4.8% over the next five years.

“Globalisation, outsourced manufacturing, longer supply chains and tighter product margins have complicated the process of managing supply chains. Wholesale distributors are now evaluating the way they use their data, and leveraging technology to create, deliver and sustain new and meaningful customer relationships,” added Mr. Juma.

Headquartered in Dubai, Supply chain and logistics group (SCLG), is an industry business group engaged in advancing supply chain and logistics industry locally, regionally and globally.

“Supply Chain and Logistics space is increasingly, significantly and positively being influenced by technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, Robots, and Automation demanding positive changes across functions and across industry verticals.  I believe that in the years to come supply chain landscape will be much different than what its today – so winners are those who are agile enough to quickly align with trends and willing to understand, analyse and transform in view of multiple economic, business and technology forces,”stated Shashi Shekhar, Group Chairman and founder of SCLG, during the 10th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit.

Mr. Mohammed Hassan Mahmoud, Manager Commercial – DP World, Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman, 5F World, and Tim Sensening, Chairman, TMSfirst shared their viewpoints on the future of this trillion dollar industry during the inaugural session.

“A new digital workplace transformation is happening around us within the logistics industry. Dubai has built great infrastructure of ports, airports, airlines and shipping lines to facilitate global supply chain. Dubai’s focus on innovation and transformation also ensures that supply chain is empowered for growth here. I strongly believe that these new and disruptive technologies will also present massive opportunities to the logistics industry in the region,” added Mr. Shekhar.

SCLG since its inception has significantly grown in its membership and activities. The annual global SCLG summit held in Dubai each year is now recognized as the biggest thought leadership summit in Middle East, Asian Subcontinent and Africa region. The summit was backed and supported by many leading names in the supply chain and logistics sector namely, DP World, Al Futtaim Logistics, SSI SCHAEFER, On base, Span Group, TMS First, Twintec, E plus P, and Godrej among other organisations.

The 10th Global Logistics and Supply Chain Summit hosted speakers, panellists and delegates from several countries including Saudi, Kuwait,Singapore, India, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada, Poland, and Austria. The summit included key note speeches, expert panel discussions and focussed delivery tracks to communicate case studies, experience and expertise to aid the industry. Global industry experts along with UAE based experts shared their insights at the summit thereby setting a path of growth for the industry in Dubai, region and the globe.


About SCLG:

The Supply Chain & Logistics Group (SCLG) is an industry business group headquartered in Dubai/UAE, operating within legal framework of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established to advance the cause of supply chain and logistics industry globally. This group brings an opportunity of education, training, seminar and networking events for industry professionals and corporations on a global basis. The group was founded with the help of senior management professionals representing a variety of industries in Supply Chain. This group strives to bring the best of education, seminars and interaction through partnerships/ alliances with a variety of similar bodies across the globe. Each year SCLG delivers global supply chain and logistics summit in Dubai, the 9th edition was just delivered.


Source: White Water Public Relations