Ariston has brought consumers the opportunity to reduce time spent on one of the most tiring domestic chores: ironing. The new Ariston Tumble Dryer is equipped with the Smart Dry Program Manager and multiple drying combinations for drying any garment in a specific manner and delivering optimal drying results.

Garment Specific Drying – Saving on Ironing Time & Money

When drying small loads, using Ariston’s Condenser tumble dryer with its 7 variable drying options, formulated specific per each garment type, saves a minimum of 50% on energy bills compared to traditional vented tumble dryers. The easy ironing option takes only 10 minutes to effectively reduce creases. This saves on quantity of garments that need ironing, as well as laundry completion time, without compromising on the professional drying advantages of using a tumble dryer versus conventional drying methods by hanging in harsh environment conditions ensuring preservation and long-lasting for years of enjoyment. Garment specific drying programs saves time and money in completing household chores hassle-free, allowing for freedom to care for family and things that matter most.

Refresh Cycle

No need to run longer than needed wash and dry laundry cycles, rather simply “pop” clothes into the dryer, select the unique and convenient refresh option , wait 20 minutes and then you are ready to look and feel your very best in your favorite garment, eliminating any unwanted odors as a result of storage.

Care For You & Your Family - Anti-Allergy Feature

With the special Anti- Allergy cycle, the target temperatures are kept constant for a prolonged period of time so that the major and most common allergens can be neutralized. An electronic control device ensures that the temperature stays constant throughout the anti-allergy treatment, while special sensors- which intervene at pre-defined intervals- keep the achieved temperature level stable.

Ariston Tumble dryers have obtained the “Allergy UK” approval, certifying the effective reduction and elimination of allergens from clothing treated by the special Anti-Allergy cycle.

The Ariston Dryer is available at major retail and dealer stores across the Middle East.


Source: Golin Mena