There is a lot of beauty in the everyday. But it is not easy to capture the true extent of that beauty in an image. Introducing the world’s first rear quad-camera smartphone, Samsung Galaxy A9 features a 120° Ultra Wide lens, which captures the whole scene with way less panning. With four lenses, experience even more ways to unleash your creativity and capture, create and share stunning images.

Building on its legacy in smartphone camera development, Samsung has introduced next-generation camera technology across its entire Galaxy portfolio to give more consumers the opportunity to experience cutting-edge innovation.

Some of the most amazing photos have come from the most ordinary things - it is all about perspective. This rings true in photography as well. Whether you’re ready for your close-up or looking at the bigger picture, the Galaxy A9 comes equipped with camera options to help you capture the moment the way you want.

While the 120° Ultra Wide lens of Galaxy A9 allows you to capture an image accurately, the Scene Optimizer lets you shoot like a pro. Often, the first type of shot that comes to mind when you think about a wide-angle lens is a landscape. However, wide angle is useful indoors as it will enable you to really take in the full room and capture the essence of the scene before you.

Getting your images perfectly sharp is something that most photographers want – however clean, crisp, sharp images can be difficult to achieve. Galaxy A9’s 24MP main lens stays sharp no matter what your lighting conditions. Using a pixel re-mosaic algorithm, it is able to maintain peak performance in low light, producing clear images with less noise. In addition, Galaxy A9’s telephoto lens provides 2x Optical Zoom, so you get the perfect composition even when you are far away from your subject.

Express your creativity with the Galaxy A9’s Depth Lens, giving you the freedom to manually manage your photos’ depth of field and focus on the subject for stunning, professional looking images. The Depth Camera works with the main camera to give you the ability to adjust the depth of field of your images, so you can add beautiful bokeh to accentuate your photos.

Thanks to the Scene Optimizer, your camera is now smarter, and able to identify the subject and adjust settings accordingly for the best photo, in an instant.

In an exciting and connected world where moments and memories, from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime, are captured and shared instantly, the smartphone has become so much more than just a phone to consumers. That is why the Galaxy A9 is packed with the best camera innovations, to enable all consumers to achieve more, experience more and unlock more possibilities every day.


Source: MSL Group