In this day and age, there is absolutely no need to settle for a less than great looking device. So if you’re on the lookout for a beautiful piece of technology, we’ve got news for you: it’s here, and it’s cooler than ever.

The HUAWEI nova 4 is bringing style to the market with its ground-breaking display style. If you did not get the memo, the notch is old news, and the future is Punch display. Bezels may have gotten smaller on smartphones these past couple of years, yet it was still in the way of the Huawei manufacturer’s vision of display greatness. Unlike the rest of smartphones, the HUAWEI nova 4’s camera is a small hole located on the top left side of the screen, defying the rules of symmetry and making way for a large, uninterrupted smooth screen. Besides the catchy and unique display look, the HUAWEI nova 4’s bezel-less display comes pretty handy when it comes to entertainment.

When gaming or watching videos you can fully immerse yourself in the moment, undisturbed by any screen components – almost like you’re watching TV.

Besides a great looking display, the camera placement choice was not random. It is meant to take your selfies to another level. They say behind every perfect selfie there are about 50 others that did not make the cut. Well, can you argue with this? Not really. We all know how difficult it is to snap the perfect selfie.

The current camera placement will making your snaps look more natural than they ever would on a smartphone with a front camera in the middle. How come? Well, according to consumer and user experience research, it was proven that when taking a selfie, people tend to turn their heads slightly towards right while focusing their eyes on the camera. This makes the current camera placement in line with general selfie behavior, helping you get a better angle and improving eye positioning towards the camera so you can capture the best selfie every time – you will look good. 

While most smartphones just look like black slabs – the HUAWEI nova 4 refuses to just follow the trend. Unique and unconventional, it brings its own particular mood through special colors.

If you enjoy the electrifying late night city ambiance, alive with purple neon lights – you will have a crush on these colors. With its Midnight Fantasy vibe, the Crush Blue and Blue black have that mysterious and exciting glow look – and bringing out any outfit you might wear. Whether you’re flaunting an elegant party dress or rocking a pair of jeans, this shiny handful will be your best accessory.


Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies