11.5 million documents with 2.6 terabyte of highly sensitive data of a law firm in Panama, Mossack Fonseca, were leaked to the public – revealing confidential information about well-known personalities to corporations. The case “Panama Papers” illustrates the importance of comprehensive IT-security measures for compaies handling enormous and sensitive data.

Merlin Digital, a leading consumer technology brand aiming to make the world smarter through its innovative offerings, introduces its range of advanced video streaming products that mirror content from virtually any device – smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, streaming media hardware or PC. Merlin Digital’s groundbreaking products are looking at revolutionizing the way one would use video steaming devices.

Relive your every-day adventures and capture stunning point-of-view footage with Sony’s latest HDR-AS50 Action Cam. Whether you’re travelling, enjoying water sports, cycling or just strolling around, the HDR-AS50 allows you to capture those experiences and relive them in mesmerising HD movies.

The Structural Navigator app for iPad or iPhone is a new Navigator app used to view or interrogate structural models sent as i-models between any Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM) enabled application, including RAM, STAAD and ProStructures. Bentley’s ISM allows users to confidently synchronize structural data, manage design changes, and share models via desktop and mobile devices with the new Structural Navigator app. The app replaces Structural Synchronizer View and becomes the new app of choice for this group of users. 

Public safety and security is gaining attention and focus worldwide, including the Middle East.