Al Yousuf 3D Printing, a subsidiary of Al Yousuf Group, announced the arrival of DOOB to the UAE. Founded in Dusseldorf, Germany, DOOB is a full-service 3D technology company that creates replicas of you utilizing the latest 3D printing technology. The company is a frontrunner in digital scanning technology and the concept is currently present in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney, Barcelona and even Bahrain.

As the UAE races towards summer, the incidence of allergies is on the rise thanks to dust-storms, hay fever and more time spent in unclean indoor environments. On the occasion of World Allergy Week, an annual event taking place from April 7-13 this year, the nation’s residents are being urged to pay more attention to their health by employing better prevention and management strategies such as air purifiers in their homes and cars, to mitigate the impact of allergens.

Today announced the start of sales of the all-new Kindle, the first Kindle with a front light for under 400 AED. Now you can adjust the display brightness to read comfortably in even more places—whether indoors at night or outside in the sun. The all-new Kindle also includes an updated design, the latest electronic ink technology for better contrast. The all-new Kindle comes in black or white for just 359 AED and is available today at

The world’s leading luxury automotive company is innovating beyond the existing boundaries of performance, refinement and luxury with the introduction of an all-new four-door Grand Tourer.

Xerox hosted an interactive workshop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) educating its customers about how the company’s latest production technology and personalization solutions can meet current experiential demands. The seminar was conducted on the 7th of March at the new PSG Showroom in the Eastern Province of KSA.