Data gathered by indicates that in the next three years, revenue from the United States IT equipment market will hit $128 billion. The data further indicates between 2012 and 2020, the revenue has grown by about 8%.

PCs earnings remain high

Generally, the revenue from this market has steadily been rising, a trend set to continue in the coming years. By 2021, the revenue is set to increase by 2.54% to hit $126.51 billion while in 2022, the returns will slightly grow to $127.32 billion.  

Revenue from PCs remains the highest and 020 estimates stand at $71.14 billion. In the next three years, the revenue will grow by $71.86 billion representing 0.2% from the 2022 estimate of $71.73 billion.

Elsewhere, revenue from peripherals is also set to grow to $33.37 billion by 2023, an increase of 2.5% from the projected 2020 revenue of $32.55 billion. 

The revenue estimates might be heavily swayed based on various factors. According to the report:

"The projected revenue from IT equipment might soar more than expected this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. With 1/3 the global population living in quarantine, this might act as a catalyst for acquiring IT equipment."

With an estimated revenue of $125.48 billion from the IT equipment market, the United States holds the top position with only China coming close at $123.24 billion. Japan is third with $27.96 billion followed by at 26.40 billion. Brazil occupies the fifth slot with projected revenue of $23.24.

Other countries with top IT revenue equipment for 2020 include Germany ($18.35), UK ($16.82), France ($15.49), Mexico ($14.54) and Canada ($14.14).

In the future, the IT equipment market will see new trends like adapting to technologies such as the internet of things (IoT). 

Source: Learn Bonds