The, a website for Arab and Gulf youth, has come on top with more than 16 million visits in 2018.

According to data from the search engine "Google", through the special service of tracking visits and reporting on it- Google Analytics-, as well as the effective measure, the site performance specialist, the number of users of the site, " Sayidy " in 2018, reached to almost 16 million and 807 thousand visitors, with more than 6 million and 748 thousand visitors from Saudi Arabia

The site exceeded 63 million and 562 thousand pageview during 2018, including 12 million and 350 thousand visits in Saudi Arabia. In a statement for the editor in chief of and Arrajol , Mr. Mohamed Fahad Al Harthi, said: "We have placed the Arab youth where they should be, at the center of our attention and the focus of our daily work, as we have come to recognize that the new generation of young people is in need of what satisfies their interests, measures up to their expectations in regard to content within the Arab e-space. As they also need an interactive youth platform that touches them with transparency and intelligence, through which they find their unique self in, and it is no secret to say that Sayidy’s understanding for this at an early stage in addition to the professional implement , allowed it to lead amongst the other Arab youth sites deservedly.’

Al-Harthi also added that "Sayidy’s site is a renewed and a ‘full of life’ youth platform , one that captures professionally youth activity and sets it up in a proper manner, to present it in a way that attracts the Arab youth and inspires them to fulfill their ambitions, whether it be in terms of talent, achievements or small projects.

In the same context, as a huge achievement for the Sayidy site on the social media sites level, the Facebook page has more than one million likers, and by that it has become the first page of a site that cares about Arab youth, to go beyond this number .The data of the performance analysis for visitors revealed that males accounted for 61.5% of the total visitors, 40% of  them are between the ages 25 to 34, while and 25% of  them are in an age range of 35 to 44 , but all of them are seeking topics and news that interest Arab youth in various areas of their lives.

It is worth mentioning that the is a site of the Saudi Research and Publishing Company, containing many sections including fashion and attractiveness of young men, relationships with the opposite sex in our Eastern communities, for a happier and more settled life, and a comprehensive guide to personal and practical success, while developing himself ,and his individual and social skills.


Source: Perceptions

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