Emojis have been around since the late 1990s, with dozens upon dozens of new ones being rolled out each year. Those small smiley faces, heart and hand symbols of all shapes, sizes and colours, have become a huge part of social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With a whopping 3,000+ emojis to choose from, finding that little icon for ‘together’ seems daunting. Etisalat, which launched its new brand direction ‘Together Matters’ in 2018 to embody the power of technology in connecting and enriching people’s lives, is yet to find that elusive ‘together’ emoji.

Etisalat is all set to come up with an emoji to aptly describe the word ‘together’ - to give us the chance to connect with each other in a language that we all understand. Designers will put on their thinking caps in an attempt to seamlessly replace the word ‘together’ with an emoji.

From 10th to 14th July, Etisalat will put the creation of a ‘together’ emoji into the hands of social media savvy residents by asking them to select from three emojis. Promoters will also approach shoppers asking them to vote using tablets at activations located in Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Sahara Mall, Yas Mall and Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi from 5pm – 11pm.

What better way to celebrate World Emoji Day on 17th July than with a perfectly-crafted ‘together’ emoji. This reaffirms Etisalat’s core belief that ‘Together Matters’, and that nothing is impossible when people work together.

Source: Etisalat