transcosmos and transcosmos research and development, Inc. will launch "SPEEDLOGI," a warehouse outsourcing service designed for the e-commerce business powered by Shopify, in June, 2020. In delivering the service, the two companies will leverage their knowledge and experience in Shopify as two of the only five certified "Shopify Plus Partner" companies in Japan.

Against the backdrop of the significant growth of the e-commerce market in recent years, many companies face various challenges. One of the key challenges is warehousing operations for the e-commerce business that traditional logistic centers between stores and companies have difficulty to manage. To solve such a challenge and let businesses outsource warehousing operations even for a small-lot order, the two companies have built the service by standardizing, automating, labor-saving and unmanning the required operations with the power of technology.

* On behalf of clients, transcosmos will handle all warehousing operations including storage, inventory management and order processing, in collaboration with its "E-Commerce One-Stop Center."

All clients need to do is select required information on the Shopify app "SPEEDLOGI" and check in their products to the warehouse. No tiresome agreement with a warehousing company or arrangements with a delivery company are required. The service is available from four pallets, enabling clients to start with a small-lot inventory and gradually scale up their e-commerce business. With this approach, clients can expand their e-commerce business smoothly as it takes off without changing the warehouse. What's more, SPEEDLOGI lets e-commerce website operators complete all necessary operations from receiving orders to delivering products to the hands of customers with just one-click. By simply placing a check mark on Shopify app "SPEEDLOGI," clients can check shipping and inventory status. All in all, SPEEDLOGI, the warehousing and delivery outsourcing service, enables clients to reduce operational costs of their e-commerce team whilst ensuring operational quality.

■ SPEEDLOGI service overview
- Apply for the warehousing service on Shopify
 Download SPEEDLOGI app from the Shopify app store. Follow instructions on the application page on the app to complete application process for the warehousing outsourcing service. *The app is planned to be available from after June.
- Monthly invoicing (via MF KESSAI)
 Credit line will be set automatically upon receiving application, and the service will be available with monthly invoicing.
- Purchase schedule setting
 Setup product purchasing schedule for items to be checked in to the warehouse. The feature is available for all Shopify registered products.  
- Auto-register checked in products as available inventory
 All products received at the warehouse will be automatically registered as available products after inspection. 
- Real-time shipping order
 Once orders are made on Shopify, shipping orders will be made on the warehousing system in real-time. 
- Tracking number notification
 Send purchase confirmation to end-customers with their tracking code issued by a designated delivery company.The customers can check the latest shipping status such as order ready for shipment, picked up, and shipped.

Clients can view and operate all activities listed above on Shopify admin page.

* Please note that the above images are the beta version of SPEEDLOGI admin page. Some minor differences may exist between the beta version and the commercially released version.

■ SPEEDLOGI service features
- Enables clients to visualize and streamline warehousing operations on the Shopify admin page. No need for connecting to other services or log-in.
- Available from a small-lot order, \24,000 monthly fee (four pallets).
- Unlike the previous approach, making shipping orders on a regular basis (batch processing) to work with the warehouse, SPEEDLOGI ensures speedy shipping with a real-time connect feature with its proprietary warehouse management system (WMS).

■ SPEEDLOGI future plan
transcosmos and transcosmos research and development will continue to develop additional services that help the e-commerce business drive and deliver their digital transformation. More specifically, the companies will connect SPEEDLOGI with malls and other channels, conduct cross-channel sales data analysis, develop and implement AI-powered inventory and purchase optimization engine, and promote automation, labor-saving and unmanning of warehouse operations.

■ About E-Commerce One-Stop Center
As transcosmos logistic center specifically designed for e-commerce business, the center owns a total area of 4,110 tsubo (approximately 13,600 square meters). With the power of its proprietary WMS and trained warehouse operators, the center offers warehouse operations services that increase the level of satisfaction of customers who receive their products.

Security:               ISO27001 certification
                             (information security managers stationed, indoor security cameras, 24/7 security guards) 
Facilities / equipment: Warehouse Management System (WMS), handy terminals,
                               automated material handling systems, shrink wrap machines, air cushion machines, etc.

Source: transcosmos