World’s number one DLP projector brand, BenQ, unveils their latest Mini Wireless Portable Projector, BenQ GS2. The mini projector has been designed especially for modern lifestyles and family-oriented entertainment and learning.

The GS2 can be an excellent ally for families as they embrace a brand-new way of life that involves spending more time in smaller groups of relatives and friends. Excellent for casting larger-than-life projections of movies, videos, music, and learning materials, the GS2 comes to the middle east at an auspicious time of the year, making it an ideal gifting option owing to its durable yet lightweight, portable and trendy design.

The GS2 is splash-proof, drop-proof, and works with virtually any wireless or wired source device. BenQ’s mobile projector also doubles up as a powerful Bluetooth speaker, which is perfect for house parties and all those picnics that families have started planning as places start opening up. Users can quickly and easily access projector without having to even leave their couch with the Smart Control App that it can be controlled from their own mobile phones. Moreover, the mini projector comes with the Aptoide TV app market for limitless streaming potential.

This mobile projector removes boundaries by seamlessly blending extraordinary features and abilities. Using WiFi, HDMI, USB-C, or its built-in media reader, GS2 can instantly cast and play oversized audio-visual content, creating new opportunities for families to enjoy and learn together. It has been engineered for all-weather, all-terrain use, and offers IPx2 splash-proof and 0.5-meter drop-proof ratings. The GS2 has been designed keeping families’ and children’s safety in mind. The mini projector utilizes BenQ’s exclusive LumiExpert ambient-sensing automatic brightness technology to optimize the viewing experience while safeguarding vision health. It includes an eye proximity sensor that temporarily blanks out the projector to prevent shining into children’s eyes – a great safety feature for those inquisitive little ones. Read More:

“The GS2 is an entertainment device as well as a learning device that can be used in any setting, be it outdoor/indoor, to enjoy a boundless learning and entertainment experience. This latest offering from BenQ will allow families to explore and consume entertainment and education in a whole new way”, says Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East & Turkey.

BenQ’s GS2 is a great companion for the kids – it can act as their study partner, turn their room into a playground, and even be their outdoor playmate at times. Parents can easily make use of the mini projector to entertain their kids while they are busy doing chores. The safety features of the GS2 safeguard the eyes of the kids while offering all kinds of fun and creative edutainment content. Be it letting them turn their colouring books into larger than life drawings projected on the wall or giving them a whole new world of bedtime stories. The mobile projector is packed with fun for the entire family, but it’s not just for families alone. It’s also an excellent tool for some well-deserved alone time, as it can turn any time into movie time and one can simply enjoy a movie date with themselves or their partners.

The mobile projector from BenQ is powered by the incredibly durable Digital Light Processing (the Academy Award of Merit Oscar® winning technology used in 90% of the world’s digital cinemas & 100% of the world’s IMAX cinemas. Coupled with a 30,000-hour maintenance-free LED light source, this small dynamite is a tool that can transform viewing experiences for families. It features autofocus, auto vertical keystone, and an adjustable hinge for smooth, instant operation in any setting. These useful features on the mini projector enable imaginative learning and entertainment possibilities for families. GS2 is already available in the UAE and KSA regions and will soon be across the Middle East as well.

The GS2 is currently available in UAE and KSA regions and coming soon to rest of Middle East priced @ USD 650

Source: AETOSWire