Reaffirming its commitment to Make in India, Eram Group announced today that their innovation eToilet, India's only full-fledged automated toilet, is now being exported to Nepal, Srilanka, Kuwait, Oman and Haiti.

eToilet, India’s first electronic public toilet with features like unmanned pre-flushing, automatic flushing and platform cleaning, inbuilt water tanks, sensors for water, power conservation and coin-operated entry, has already received global recognition and over 45+ National and International awards.

Eram Group, as a caring corporation came into prominence in recent years as it enthusiastically offered its services to the renowned ‘Make in India’ platform. Linking up with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Chairman and Managing Director of Eram Group, Dr. Ahmed Siddeek extended his vision and outstanding technology in the sanitation sector through his company, Eram Scientific. The innovative ‘eToilet’ in line with Swatch Bharat Abhiyan was duly showcased in the UN Innovation exhibition and recognized by the UN's country representative for its game changing potential.

What makes the Indian Prime Minister’s visit special for Eram Group and its head is that Mr. Narendra Modi himself bestowed on Dr. Ahmed the Toilet Titan award at the Safaigiri Summit in 2015.

“At Eram Group we remain steadfast in our commitment to addressing the critical challenges faced by humanity, including sanitation, environmental issues, training and responsible and sustainable living through integrity, innovation and ideas,” said Dr. Ahmed.

Eram Group is a business conglomerate with 40+ business units headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with regional operations in the UAE.

“Be it the success of ITL World, the GCC’s 5th largest travel network or the innovation seen at Arabian Power Electronics Company (APEC), the only professional manufacturing plant for power electronics in the GCC or Enel Saudi Arabia, which provides advanced smart Meters and smart grid solutions, we are committed to the region and take great pride in welcoming Prime Minister Modi to our home,” he added.