Taste test your spice limits this International Spice Day. Mooneh LLC by Dima Sharif is now bundling their popular spicy Shatta dips in a Shatta Trio Kit. For all the spice lovers of the UAE, this is the perfect chance to get your hands on all the classic zesty dips in one go.

Shatta is the Arabic word for chilli sauce. It is usually created from red or green peppers and pairs perfectly with breads, cheeses, and meats. Sold individually for AED 55-65, this kit of 3 will be available for only AED 150 from 16th  until the end of January.  The Shatta is fermented (in a fully vegan method) and therefore great for your gut health and full of probiotics, it is then packed and preserved in (low acidity) extra virgin olive oil. No artificial flavours or colours. 

 Add a flavourful kick to all your meals this winter season with Mooneh LLC’s locally sourced Shatta Trio Kit:

  • Organic Red Shatta -Natural sweet red peppers with a spicy kick. 
  • Organic Smoked Red Shatta - A bold Smokey-sweet BBQ flavour with a hot spicy sting.
  • Organic Green Shatta - Green pepper flavouring with a kick. Suits all looking for a spicy tingle/prick.

Made with only organic ingredients and grown by local farmers, these homemade artisanal products are a great way to give back to the farming community and help bolster the local economy.

The Shatta Trio kit will be available for purchase from the 16th of January until the 31st of January.

Source: Soul Communications

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