If you thought cosmetic surgery was simply for the ladies and the occasional man, think again. Not only is it catching up with men en masse, cosmetic surgery is fast becoming a couples’ affair in the UAE.

It is seen quite normal for women, and a fraction of men to seek ways of enhancing their natural looks. The most common of these ways is through cosmetic surgery, both surgical and non-surgical. Today, the number of people considering cosmetic surgery in the UAE has drastically increased, with the demographics cutting across the board. In other words, plastic surgery is not a reserve of middle-aged and older women anymore.

According to Dr Rory McGoldrick, a consultant plastic surgeon at Aesthetics by King’s College Hospital London Dubai, most of the ladies that he has operated on are now bringing in their husbands to have cosmetic treatments as well. “Since we opened the Aesthetics wing at King’s College Hospital Dubai a year ago, I would say that I’ve probably operated on roughly 30 to 40 couples,” he states, adding that although cosmetic surgery is something that ladies are more familiar with, they are introducing their partners to procedures like liposuction and gynecomastia surgery, as well as rhinoplasties, and cosmetic injectables like Botox and dermal fillers. So, what cosmetic procedures are popular among men?

Trending Cosmetic Procedures Done by Men in UAE
As a 41-year-old male who recently did Botox for the first time for crow’s feet, Dr Rory says he felt a bit weird because it’s his job to inject, which he does to a lot of patients on a daily basis. “I did the treatment not only to soften the fine lines on my face, but to also experience it, and be able to explain to first-time patients how Botox feels like,” he says, noting that men should be able to look masculine with a little bit of help, and without any form of judgement.

Generally, non-surgical treatments that have always been seen as a taboo for men are no longer seen that way, not only in Dubai but around the world, because there are a lot of celebrities who are very open about having procedures done (although others might have overdone it). So, from my experience, the most common cosmetic surgery treatments done by men include:

1. Brotox (Botox for men)
This is a mainstay treatment that reduces wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet, and frown lines but in a very modest way. “This is because from my perspective as a plastic surgeon, I want to have men still look like men after the treatment; I don't want to feminize them. So, even if the male patient goes for this anti-wrinkle treatment, he still has to retain a masculine look.”

2. Juvéderm Volux for the Jawline
This is probably one of the biggest developments this year has seen, especially when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Juvéderm Volux is a new dermal filler that has been developed by Allergan and is designed to act as a temporary solution for bone replacement in and around the jaw and chin. The treatment, which is done in-office, enhances the jawline for men. “One of the masculine characteristics of a face is a very strong chin, which is the same width as the width of the mouth, and an angular jaw,” expounds Dr Rory.

How the treatment works: The Juvéderm Volux filler allows a plastic surgeon to inject directly onto the bone, both in the corner of the jaw, just below the ear, to give a very angular jaw, and also in the chin to give both a projection so that the patient looks like he has a strong masculine chin. “If you look at George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon just to name a few, they all have all these characteristically-looking masculine faces. They have a very defined jawline and that's what makes them look quite masculine,” he notes, adding that Volux allows this because it's slightly stiffer than other fillers, but still has reliable properties like other fillers.

“It’s also completely reversible because it's made from hyaluronic acid and it's also moldable. So, when I inject it onto the bone for the chin and the jawline, I can mold it and create the masculine look that I want to achieve.”

As opposed to traditionally having to place a chin implant surgically for men with a weak chin, this filler can be used to provide a very strong chin and just as with the other Allergan products, you have unrivaled properties such as something known as tissue integration. This means that the blood vessels of the patient grow into the filler, and it forms part of the structure for the period of time that it's present in your body. “Bottom line is that you end up looking natural but with all the benefits of having a stronger and more masculine chin.” The Juvéderm Volux filler lasts upwards of 18 months.

So, from the point of view of cosmetic surgery developments in 2019 both locally and internationally, obviously having a strong jawline is something that is very important as you can imagine men grow beards in order to enhance the lower third of their face. And with Volux, that can be achieved with an injectable.

3. Fat Freezing
Another cosmetic procedure that men are asking for nowadays, according to Dr Rory, is fat freezing with CoolSculpting, which can be done instead of surgical liposuction. 50% of all his CoolSculpting patients are men. “So, instead of having liposuction in targeted places like the lower abdomen and love handles where resistant bands of fat tend to accumulate, especially among middle-aged men despite diet and exercise, CoolSculpting does the job,” he says, adding that this non-surgical procedure is a relatively cheap, and risk-free solution to that fat around the waist.

Bottom Line
“When it comes to cosmetic procedures for men and age demographics, Botox and jawline contouring patients are usually in their 20s, with 30-year old’s going for Gynecomastia treatment (breast tissue removal), and those in their 40s opting for CoolSculpting or liposuction around the waist.”

Source: kch