, the largest job site in the UAE and the Middle East, revealed that the number of UAE based professionals who are registered on the site continues to grow. With four million professionals in the UAE, which roughly equates to two thirds of the country’s labor force, remains the Emirates’ largest career platform.

“It is without surprise that we see professionals from around the world targeting the UAE on,” says Nadine Obeid, UAE Country Manager, “The UAE boasts numerous attractive career opportunities in diverse industries, specializations, and career levels. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are repeatedly ranked as the top cities on our annual reports for various economic, environmental, and socio-cultural factors and that continues to increase the attractiveness of the UAE as an employment and business hub. We are proud to have been the largest and most trusted hiring partner for the UAE during the past two decades. Since the year 2000 we have been the hiring partner for employers in the UAE by providing the largest choice of CVs.”

Professionals currently residing in the UAE come from a variety of career levels and specializations: 10% are at the student/internship level, 17% are at the entry level, 47% are in their mid-career level, 22% are in the management level, while 4% are at the director/head level.

Specializations are equally diverse on 200,000+ are specialized in sales, 180,000+ are specialized in accounting and auditing, 130,000+ are specialized in engineering, 50,000+ are specialized in hospitality, 50,000+ are specialized in the medical field, and 50,000+ are specialized in the fields of teaching and academics, in addition to countless other job roles and niche specialties.

In addition to the professionals who currently reside in the UAE, millions of other professionals on have their eye on the UAE for employment opportunities. In terms of the nationalities of professionals interested in career opportunities in the UAE using, the most popular ones are from the Asian subcontinent and Middle East and North Africa. Professionals based in the United States, Canada and Europe are also keen on getting employed in the UAE through

Source: mslgroup