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The UK Government is now advising schools to concentrate more on the wellbeing and emotional resilience of students with mental health issues. In plain language it simply means working on changing negative attitudes and perceptions, an area that has not received huge attention in recent years, but one that will become increasingly important according to author and positive thinking guru Michael Younge.

Hackers acting on behalf of nation-state powers are no longer just out to disrupt critical infrastructures – they’re also actively seeking trade secrets. New battle lines have been drawn across the world, and organisations need to tool up accordingly. The recently released Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (VDBIR) is an eye-catching case in point, noting a sharp uptick in nation-state attacks, rising from 12% of all analysed breaches to 23% in the past year. 25% of breaches are currently influenced by cyberespionage, rising from 13%.

The ‘2019 Online Recruitment in the Middle East and North Africa’ poll, administered by the UAE’s #1 job site, revealed a variety of insights about the evolving hiring landscape and how recruitment practices have changed in the digital era. According to the poll, online job sites emerged as the quickest way to find and recruit talent in organizations across the UAE. In fact, 73% of MENA respondents agree that online recruitment has facilitated the hiring process at their companies.

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