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NADIA Global, The Gulf’s #1 Recruiter and Training Institutes, announced the enhancement of its existing training programs to provide relevant courses to respond to demand from women. The high standards of NADIA Global’s training enables women to learn how to better balance their personal and business life in addition to empowering the female population of UAE.

The US Federal Reserve has of late been on a communication campaign to clarify its stance towards the intended tightening path in 2019. The ensuing message marks quite a dovish shift against the previously communicated “dots”. In particular, both the minutes of the December meeting and Powell’s remarks last week laid emphasis on patience, implying the Fed would be on hold for weeks or months. As a consequence, risk premia across asset classes dropped in January, with the largest rallies recorded in equities and oil. Although this change in tone might be more style than substance, as the Fed has declared over and over that policy remains data-dependent, it has implications for asset classes. Gold has rallied slightly more than 10%, EM currencies about 4% and Brent crude 20% from their respective lows of 2018.

AdColony the largest independent mobile advertising platform recently conducted a Brand Safety Survey which was distributed globally and asked consumers about purchasing behavior, undesirable content, preferred platforms to encounter ads, and more. While inappropriate content can dramatically hinder brand reputation generally, it’s also important to consider how it can affect user behavior and perceptions specifically. Therefore, AdColony decided to take a deep dive on brand safety and conduct a user survey on the topic. The data yielded some interesting results.

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