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The last thing anyone wants, as we finally come out of this crisis, is extreme "stagflation" - that vicious combination of high unemployment and rapidly rising prices that last appeared in the 1970s, defied economic conventions and the famous "Phillips Curve". But that is what they are actually likely to get - in spite of reassurances from the IMF and ECB that the rate of consumer price inflation will be lower this year and next than in 2019.

Most experts agree that kickstarting the global economy after the current lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic could be crucial: Following up on the update posted at the beginning of Ramadan, the latest research figures spanning the first 10 days of the Holy Month show that MBC Group’s #STAY_AT_HOME operation is still continuing to chart a remarkable, ongoing growth trajectory.

The results of the recently conducted survey by the Health Promotion Department, HPD, at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah has shown the increased attention to the applications and programs that enhance the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, including the proper nutrition, physical activity, maintaining healthy body weight, and chronic disease prevention.