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On 2nd of October Bourn Hall Fertility Centre will open its space to showcase the artworks of the inspiring artist Afshan Quraishi, titled “The Comeback”, as the title suggests, Afshan’s work will depict her journey of growth through perseverance and positive energy. The show will be graciously inaugurated by Sandi Saksena, who is on the advisory board of the CEO Clubs’s Business Women's Division, and will be followed by an interactive self-healing session by the Bourn Hall Fertility Centre’s Coach & Counselor, Priyanka Bhatia.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Friends of Kidney Patients Association, one of the health support Associations at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, organized a water campaign aimed at raising awareness to the importance of drinking water in maintaining kidney health. The campaign will take place during September and October of this year.