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Bayut’s latest Q3 2019 market report shows that the Abu Dhabi real estate market offers healthy conditions for home buyers/investors after the opening of key investments zones for freehold expat property ownership. Sales prices in the capital have taken a positive turn with the prices either holding steady or slightly increasing.

The social influence of robots on people and the insecurities this can bring should not be underestimated. Research conducted by Kaspersky and Ghent University has found that robots can effectively extract sensitive information from people who trust them, by persuading them to take unsafe actions. For example, in certain scenarios, the presence of a robot can have a big impact on people’s willingness to give out access to secure buildings.

Mimecast (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, announced the availability of its latest Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA). The quarterly assessment is an aggregated report of tests that measure the efficacy of widely used email security systems.1 This quarter’s ESRA report found a significant increase in Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, emails containing dangerous file types, malware attachments and spam being delivered to users’ inboxes from incumbent email security systems.

Around 56% of Incident Response (IR) requests processed by Kaspersky security experts in 2018 happened after the affected organization experienced an attack that had visible consequences such as unauthorized money transfers, workstations encrypted by ransomware and service unavailability. 44% of requests were processed after detection of an attack during an early stage, saving the client from potentially severe consequences. These are among the main findings of Kaspersky’s latest Incident Response Analytics Report.