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During what has been a content-rich summer, children have shown significant interest in viral memes about Area 51, according to Kaspersky’s annual summer report into kids’ online safety. Area 51 is commonly believed to be a research facility where the American government is rumored to be studying creatures from outer space. In an attempt to see the aliens, adults even went as far as creating a special Facebook event. “We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry,” reads the event description.

Bahrain has beaten a host of regional competitors to be the best destination for expats to work, live, and raise a family in the Middle East and North Africa in the 2019 InterNations Expat survey, consolidating its leadership position from 2018. Judges praised the Kingdom's welcoming culture and relaxed lifestyle, cementing the country as a haven for expats – with strong historical ties to the financial services and real estate industries and an increasingly strong standing in the technology sector.

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