1018 new students joined the 2018-2019 academic year across 10 Tala Nurseries at Sharjah Ladies Club Branches. Tala Nursery’s integrated facilities offer premium childhood care and education services that cater for children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs by providing innovative edutainment activities including sports, religious or national celebrations.

The nursery is committed to implement a curriculum that encourages children to develop and grow as creative learners by providing quality education in a safe, healthy and motivating environment. A professional team of teachers, educational experts, and quality nursing staff are constantly delivering beyond par services.

The nursery includes a playing room, TV room, bedroom and learning spaces that are equipped with the latest educational materials and tools to develop children's behavioural skills and talents. Tala Nursery uses edutainment programmes to improve children’s sensory and cognitive skills as well as organize educational and recreational trips.

Suhaila Al Balushi, Tala Nurseries in-charge, said: “Tala Nurseries provide children, throughout the 10 SLC branches, with an ideal environment for learning and playing with peers. The nursery saw great success in the eastern and central region of Sharjah. SLC is committed to the development of children’s skills and capabilities, and to nurture a confident young generation that can excel and succeed in their lives.”


Source: National Network communications NNC

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