Lughati Cup competition, launched by Lughati, the Sharjah-based initiative that seeks to support the ‘smart’ way of learning Arabic across Sharjah Government schools, kicked off this yesterday with the participation of 30 public schools. The competition is held as part of Lughati participation in the 37th Sharjah International Book Fair, which begun on October 31 and will proceed until November 10 at Expo Centre Sharjah.

Attending the first round was Abdullah Omran Taryam Model School vs Al Ghafia School; Al Haseen School vs Asmaa School; Al Thameed School vs Omair bin Abi Waqas School; and Mleiha School vs Al Aqd Al Fareed School. Schools from the eastern region of Sharjah had the highest number of participants with 15 schools, followed by 11 schools from Sharjah City, and 4 schools from the central region of the emirate.

Badria Al Ali, Manager of Lughati said: “The Lughati Cup competition is one of Lughati’s unique initiatives that aims to instill in children a love for Arabic language, encourage them to read and learn Arabic using the latest technologies. The contest is in line with the goals of the fourth phase of Lughati initiative, which was launched recently, targeting third grade students.”

Al Ali added: “Today we are celebrating the 37th edition of Sharjah International Book Fair, which established itself as a unique cultural event that escalated Sharjah’s profile as a leading cultural hub. It is inspired by the vision of the vision of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, whose direction led to investment in the new generation by preparing and encouraging them to preserve Arabic, the language of knowledge. In light of this vision, we have participated in this international event to take part in building a generation with strong Arabic skills and motivate them to utilize advanced technology to learn Arabic”.

The entry criteria as laid out by the organising committee of the Lughati Cup requires each participating school to pick a team of three students who have strong Arabic skills. The students should be from the specified grade as per the cup’s edition. The rules also stipulate that team members, once selected, cannot be changed as a school advances through the rounds of Lughati Cup. The judging panel comprises of a host of educational professionals, academics and Arabic Language experts.

The competition’s judging panel will take into account factors such as personality, fluency, efficiency, pronunciation, understanding, and proper expression, through a series of questions that will test the teams’ Arabic language and intellectual skills acquired in first and second grades.

The Lughati Cup Competition, launched by Lughati Initiative in 2016, is a contest specially designed for primary school students in Sharjah to test their Arabic language skills. It aims to promote Arabic as a culture and behavior in all aspects of their lives.


Source: National Network Communications (NNC)