Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management (BEAM), in partnership with educational technology provider Promethean, today launched the world’s first Promethean Hub at the International School of Creative Science, Nad Al Sheba. The innovative educational hub was launched in a ceremony attended by Mr. Salah Bukhatir, Chairman and CEO of BEAM and Dr. John Collick, Head of International Education Strategy at Promethean as well as Ms Sonia Saleem, CEO of SET International. The new Promethean Innovation Hubs were launched in all Creative Science Schools across the UAE  to enhance the learning experience for students by advancing educational standards and creating new best practices.

Cementing the position of Beam Creative Science Schools’ as leading and globally recognized education organizations who champion innovative and transformative pedagogy through this new technology; the schools’ prestigious status as Promethean Innovation Hubs will bring great advantages to BEAM students and faculty alike, providing tools to empower teachers and motivate students to learn. Promethean is internationally heralded for its industry-leading technologies that have transformed classrooms by promoting collaboration, the use of interactive resources, and dynamic lessons.

Mr. Salah Bukhatir, Chairman and CEO of BEAM commented: “We stand proud today as our Creative Science Schools serve as a model not only for schools across the UAE but also for schools worldwide. This partnership is a testament to our vision towards developing successful educational institutions and implementing advanced educational management systems.

Serving as the first and only Promethean Innovation Hub in the world; by using the latest technologies and methodologies we will be able to offer students and faculty, unmatched pioneering technology to support learning in partnership with Promethean.

With the launch of the research through this hub; we will not only enhance the teaching and learning process at our schools but will allow other schools and educational institutions around the world to benefit from the new practices we will implement and from our model of academic excellence. 

I look forward to seeing our students reach new academic heights as a direct consequence of this partnership with the launch of the Promethean Innovation Hub in all BEAM schools.”

The intention of the Promethean Innovation Hub partnership is to explore and develop new approaches to teaching with technology in the classroom, and to allow the BEAM Schools to help road test and provide feedback during the beta development stage of new methodologies and technologies in Education.

BEAM Schools, Promethean and SET International will work together to develop projects focusing on pedagogical themes such as Formative Assessment, Game Based Learning, Constructivist and Project-Based learning, Effective Change Management and more. Once one or more of these projects have been concluded then the action research, along with learning objects, lesson plans and content will be published and presented through international and local forums as best practice examples.

Dr. John Collick, Head of International Education Strategy, at Promethean said: BEAM has a committed and empowered leadership embracing change, a skilled and enthusiastic teaching body and a passion to explore the potential for new ways of learning. They are a perfect partner to help us discover how we can use all the new discoveries in technology, education and neuroscience, and turn them into real practical tools in the classroom. It is a delight and an honor to welcome them to the Promethean Innovation Hub Programme.

Collaborations such as the Promethean Innovation Hub will enable educators around the world to better refine teaching standards and to use technology in the classroom in the most effective way. As the education industry evolves with the advancement of technology, so do the methods teachers use to engage students and cultivate a healthy learning environment.


Source: Edelman