Parents’ spending on education continued to be a sensitive subject here in the UAE, according to a recent report published by HSBC.

HSBC’s ‘Value of Education’ report 2017, published during the summer, reveals that parents in the UAE spend $99,378 on educating each child – from primary school through to university. This means the UAE is second only to Hong Kong when it comes to the amount of money that parents spend on education.

This news will certainly strike a chord with parents in Dubai who have complained about the rising cost of schooling in recent times, especially with 93 per cent of parents in the UAE having one child or more in paid-for education.

Although the report highlights the challenges that parents face, the good news is that affordable schools are due to open in less than two weeks’ time. Newlands School in Al Warqa will open with fees starting at 19,200 AED in FS1 to 26,400 AED in Year 6. The school will also offer five free scholarship places for Emirati girls as part of their commitment to the Emirati community.

The School will adopt the English National Curriculum, so that students get internationally-recognised qualifications (iGCSEs, A-levels etc) that will provide them with a dependable route to universities worldwide. A reassuring factor when the HSBC report states that 65 per cent of UAE parents would send their children overseas for their university education, giving parents increased financial relief from this burden.

The owners of the school, Beaconhouse Education, have over 40 years of experience in all aspects of education.

Mrs. Nasreen Kasuri, the Founder and Chairperson for Newlands School, commented: “We feel privileged to be able to offer a world-class English curriculum at affordable fees to discerning families in Dubai.  Newlands School represents our 42 years of delivering the UK national curriculum and, in particular, outstanding IGCSE, O and A Level results across South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oman.”

Offering an affordable solution to parents in its catchment area, with the smallest class sizes (maximum of 25 pupils) than other schools in the same fee range, Newlands School offers a British curriculum and a holistic international education that focuses on innovative teaching and learning about the real world. 

The board of governors of Newlands Schools are the owners of Beacon House, the world’s largest school group by student population. They have a proven track record of setting up and running successfully schools in south-east Asia and the Middle East.


About Newlands School

Newlands School is located in Al Warqa, Dubai and is now open for student placement. Our goal is to provide quality education of an international standard to children aged between 3-11 years old and will adhere closely to the framework of the National Curriculum for England (NCfE), which is largely subject- and stage- based. We aim for excellence through quality management, quality training and quality teaching, bringing benefit to our students, the communities of Dubai, the country and the wider world.


Source: Seven Media