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Emirates Modern Poultry Co., also known as Al Rawdah, has brought its chick hatching outreach programme to more than 3,000 plus students in Dubai’s best schools for the third year running. The programme instils in students an appreciation of nature, and helps them learn about animal life and sustainable poultry rearing practices.

This year, the programme provided each participating school a comprehensive hatching kit with fertilised embryo-carrying eggs, incubator, brooder box, drinker and feeder. Students looked after the eggs and helped them hatch into downy chicks- supported by Al Rawdah’s expert Hatching Staff.

The third cycle of the hatching programme saw school participation explode, with well-known names in education climbing on board - such as the Indian High School, Deira International School, GEMs Wellington Silicon Oasis, Cambridge International School, Dubai International Academy, Australian International School, GEMs International School and GEMs Our Own High School.

Previous participants of the Dubai Hatching Programme included the Al Ittihad Private School, JESS Jumeirah, Safa Community School, International Concept for Education Dubai, Collegiate American School, American School of Creative Science and the American Academy Al Mizhar.

This year, the GEMs Wellington school set up a live feed on for the duration of the programme. The feed attracted more than 14,000 viewers following the chicks’ progress online.

“Educating the community on the wonders of nature and the importance of sustainability is a key part of Al Rawdah’s role. Our hatching programme creates hands-on learning and an appreciation of natural science to Dubai’s schools. With Al Rawdah’s help, children see the entire process of chick birth and growth first hand in the classroom, which gives them a new appreciation of animal welfare and the importance of rearing poultry in the right conditions,” says Jeanette Kristensen Alhaider, General Manager Sales and Marketing, Al Rawdah.

Al Rawdah experts taught students to monitor the birds’ growth cycle from fertilisation onwards. By using candling techniques, children were able to identify fertile eggs, and to view the embryo within. The candling process illuminates the interior of an egg so children can see what lies inside the eggshell.

The hatching of the newborn birds was a highlight of the programme. The eggs wobbled and cheeped before breaks appeared in their shells and inquisitive beaks popped out. Tiny chicks then slowly emerged and kicked themselves free. Students cheered on the newborn birds as they dried out and transformed into cute balls of fluff. The learners then helped transfer the chicks to their brooder boxes where they ate and took their very first drink before turning to socialise with their companions.

Al Rawdah’s Dubai Hatching Programme is designed to help students understand environmental issues better, and help them discuss key issues surrounding animal welfare and, food hygiene. It bridges the gap between farm and table to promote an understanding of where healthy food comes from.

“Apart from reaching out to the student community and offer them insight into poultry rearing, Al Rawdah’s Hatching Programme also meets other societal goals for us. We want to highlight the importance of local produce, and show how poultry can and should be raised in environments conducive to animal welfare. We also want to start a discussion around buying local produce, and the health and environmental benefits this creates. We are delighted with the response our third chick hatching programme has received, where more than 20 schools have participated to take our message to over 3,000 students,” Ms. Alhaider.

Al Rawdah is the UAE’s largest producer of poultry products, and has more thantwo-decade long track record of success. It was the first concern in the Middle East to be accredited with a HACCP accreditation, and has since followed that up with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 22000/2005 certifications. Al Rawdah has been recognised as Superbrandsince 2013, and has also won the 20th Golden Trophy for Food & Beverages in Germany. Moreover, Al Rawdah was the first poultry farm in the UAE to receive the ‘Halal’ certificate from Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).


About Al Rawdah:

Emirates Modern Poultry Co., also known as Al Rawdah, was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Emirates Rawabi Group. Al Rawdah is recognized as the pioneer of UAE poultry industry.  Through its state of the art, fully automatic slaughter house, Al Rawdah is the UAE’s largest producer of poultry products, with 40,000 kilograms of fresh bird meat processed every day. Al Rawdah’s products are 100% halal, and produced as per world-class operating standards. Al Rawdah chickens are only given 100% vegetarian feed.

Al Rawdah’s poultry farm is located 40km from Dubai along the Dubai-Al Ain Road. 538 hectares of land host cutting edge facilities to manufacture a range of superb quality products made from fresh chicken and processed meat. The brand’s robust distribution network includes hypermarkets, supermarkets and local grocery stores, and has helped it capture up 35 per cent market share in UAE. Al Rawdah’s frozen products are also sought after for export to countries like Kuwait, Lebanon and Qatar.

Al Rawdah leads the way when it comes to using the latest technologies. The poultry company utilizes heat exchange technology used to produce hot water, as well as utilizing the ‘Grander’ technology to ensure top quality water is used throughout the whole chain of production. Al Rawdah is the first poultry in the world to use a steam scalder, and the first poultry company in the Middle East to adopt PCR technology in diagnoses of pathogens.

Al Rawdah is a pioneer in bringing the highest animal welfare and eco-friendly standards to its operations. A resident vetinary doctor ensures that the birds are kept healthy and absolutely free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Also, the poultry was the first to adopt the ‘Inovo’ vaccination of the embryonic baby chick.

The brand has been recognised as a Superbrand since 2013, and has also won the 20th Golden Trophy for Food & Beverages in Germany. Al Rawdah was the first poultry company in the Middle East to win an HACCP accreditation, and the first manufacturing organization in the Middle East to be certified to the ISO 14001 in 1997 and has since followed that up with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 22000/2005 certifications.


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