On the 28th and 29th June, Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management (BEAM) held its notable graduation ceremonies in two of their biggest schools celebrating the many accomplishments of its 278 students before an audience compromised of peers, teachers, and families.

Proud to celebrate the bright futures of their talented graduates during the 2019 graduation ceremonies held in the American School of Creative Science Maliha (ASCS) and the Distinguished School The International School of Creative Science Muwaileh (ISCS), BEAM honored the graduating students for their hard work and determination. The prestigious ceremonies were attended by His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif AlNuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Saqr Al Qassimi, and Her Excellency Mrs. Hessa AlKhaja, Director of Sharjah Educational Zone.

BEAM schools have continuously designed multiple pathways of excellence for their students to become effective leaders, communicators, and critical thinkers of the future. During both ceremonies, students who exhibited outstanding performances throughout various classes across different academic levels were honored by their peers as BEAM High Achievers- an accolade given to those who went above and beyond in their academic accomplishments.

At ISCS Muwaileh, 36 students were awarded across a range of successes, acknowledging their achievements in attaining the highest possible marks in their iGCSE exams and A Levels. The award of iGCSE Level BEAM High Achievers was given to students for attaining an A or A* grades in at least 7 subjects by the time they completed Year 11. AS Level BEAM High Achievers awards were given to those who attained an ‘A’ grade – the highest grade available in their Year 12 AS Level exams. In addition, the A2 Level Beam High Achievers award was given to those who achieved a grade “A” in at least 3 subjects. ASCS Maliha also had honorable mentions during their graduation ceremony, highlighting students who received outstanding SAT scores.

A remarkable and unique offering from BEAM towards its students comes from its annual BEAM Quran Memorisation Competition occurring across its 5 schools. Aligned with the UAE’s Year of Tolerance, the competition integrates many of the messages from the Emirate’s 2019 approach to instill tolerance as a universal concept aimed at embedding values amongst all. Judged by members from Sharjah Quran and Sunnah Foundation along with experts from the schools, the competition focuses on exposing children of all ages to the morals, ethics and principles that have been put forth by the Quran and rewards them for accomplishing the feat of memorizing the complete Holy book.

This year BEAM witnessed double the number of students who memorized the full Quran in comparison from last year and were awarded scholarships as well as a monetary award for memorizing Quran. In addition, all 41 students who won in different categories of the competition were granted special recognition during the graduation ceremonies.

Mr. Salah Bukhatir, the CEO and founder of BEAM gave an impactful speech to the graduating class and ceremony’s distinguished guests acknowledging the numerous successes of its schools’ academic achievements. “Over the years since the launch of the schools of Creative Science, we are proud to say that we have seen numerous successes in this short period of time that prove the triumphs of our vision and mission to provide to our capable students a competitive education.

He added: “To achieve a balance between the elements at all academic levels, has been the equation we continuously strive towards. We aim to elevate the level towards educational and moral excellence within a framework that ensures the creation of an accomplished generation, aware and empowered with the most up to date skills and tools and capable of upholding the principals of his religion, identity and affiliation to his homeland and nation.”

As the academic year ends, BEAM rounds off another successful year immensely proud of the 2019 graduating class and all their triumphs throughout. BEAM schools remain committed towards the advancement and enrichment of every student by building ambitious plans to develop international aligned programmes in conjunction with a culturally relevant foundation.


Source: edelman